Monday, April 21, 2014

Thank you Easter Bunny...bawk bawk.

Kudos if you knew what the title of the blog post was referring to!

I think I'm going to spend all day sleeping.  I am friggin' BEAT.

We spent Friday night cleaning like banshees for company Saturday.  I told the Mr I wanted it done that night so we could have our Saturday day to do what we wanted.  That morning we did a little mandatory hair upkeep (I've cut his hair forever) and I was trying to find a vintage Easter hat.  I had just griped about how I missed the days of Easter bonnets, gloves and patent leather purses and someone challenged me to wear them anyway.  I have been looking for a reason to buy an old lady hat from the 30-40's.  We made our way to three different vintage shops and they all had decent finds but nothing that said it was "the one."  I wasn't going to spend money on something that didn't wow me.  We made our way to this one shop and I hit the 50% off rack and there was this black hat that was kind of cute.  The Mr said it was the one because of the crooked smile I gave myself in the mirror when I tried it on.  For $7.50, how could I not?  After hitting a few decor stores, I knew it was time to head home for our impending company.  Honestly, I was kind of hoping to sneak a few winks for about 20 minutes.  That was not in the cards.

*kicks pebble*

Dinner was nice and some good conversation as well.  They left a little after midnight and the Mr had some after hours work to do remotely so he started on that and I closed my eyes on the couch.  We went to bed at 2 am.  We got up the next day and I'd obviously slept wrong because I had a horrible headache.  He did too and I figured Easter breakfast could possibly help...

Caramelized banana French toast and an apple chicken sausage link

I felt a little better afterward and took some ibuprofen to help get rid of it.  The Mr went out to wash and wax his car and I was running the dishwasher.  It's been not cleaning well at all basically since the warranty ran out at the end of February.  I checked several times and the sprayers aren't moving/spraying.  I went out to tell the Mr this and I shouldn't have said anything because then he took it apart and I became obsessed with cleaning the caked on crap on the parts and I needed to be getting pies together and marzetti made.  By the time most of the work was done, I was running late, rushing and pissed off that I had no more time.  I was in a bad mood and despite having spent so long ironing my damn dress to pair with my hat that I added my vintage brooch to, I said screw it.  I threw on my jeans and tee shirt and we just scraped out the door in time to get there on time.  (Of course one branch of the family tree was 30 minutes late so...)

It was a nice Easter even if I didn't get to get all snazzied up.  I wish that one of the 10 year olds wasn't practicing her new found whistling skills with my headache thumping in my head.  The kids were playing with sidewalk chalk and I was all over that.  I asked the one little girl "can I play with the chalk too?" and my cousin thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever heard and ran inside to tell everyone.  Poophead.  I drew an egg (I forgot the camera) and the kids were telling me what to draw and then they started copying my drawings.  It was fun.  We reminisced about family members that passed and shared dreams we had of them.  Then we made a special stop on the way home but I'll get to that tomorrow.  I'm still sorting through all of that.

How was your weekend/Easter?

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  2. It was a gorgeous day and perfect for being outside and watching the kids hunt for eggs, play with sidewalk chalk, etc. I wish I could sleep all day but that is the only problem with the Easter holiday always being on Sunday - no official day off.

  3. I hate feeling rushed like that. It sounds like a nice (mostly) gathering anyway though so that's good.

    Saturday we went to SIL's and then yesterday the Easter Bunny came and then we stayed home and cleaned the house and then my niece came over for supper. It was very low key, but nice.

  4. Hubby made the statement (the title of your post) and we could tell the kidlets had no idea what he was talking about, although I laughed. They looked it up on YouTube and then I heard it again SO many times all day long!

  5. We had a nice family Easter as well, with du's family over in Iowa. At least some of his family, one sister and one brother live out of town and weren't there, but we had a nice visit, which at this point, is really important to me, if not so much to Du. We too reminisced about some departed family, including Du's mother, and it was nice to share those stories again. Our dads used to tell "bad" stories about our mothers right after they passed, (I think perhaps it was their misplaced anger that their wives had left them much too soon), and that made both of us so sad. Du has made me promise that no one speaks badly of him after he goes, and I promised him that would never happen.

  6. Saturday I had a meeting in the morning then ran errands and did the grocery shopping for the week in the afternoon. I did the laundry and dishes and took care of bills so Sunday would be free. Mom wasn't up for visiting so we stayed home and I made a turkey breast with cheesy potatoes and stuffing. I was very relaxed and didn't have the other chores hanging over my head, which helped a lot. The dogs spent time outside and got some car rides in, so they were happy. It was a very good weekend, which is nice, because today sucked! =o)


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