Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A few weeks ago, I decided measuring this year would probably be a good idea.  I used to measure pretty faithfully every month but when the weight loss would stagnant, so would the inches and frankly I just couldn't stand looking at the numbers spitting in my face.  After I wrote down my measurements for April, I came across our first measurements back from 2008. I always know how far I've come but sometimes you need to see these numbers to appreciate it again so I thought I'd share them.

First measurement April 2008 / second measurement April 2012

Neck  20 / 15.75    
Bust  63 / 47

"Upper Tire"  60 / 46.5

Waist  71 / 54.5

Upper Arm  23 / 18

Forearm  16 / 13

Upper Thigh  39 / 29.75

Lower Thigh  34.5 / 25.75

Calf    28.5 / 22.75

Ankle  17 / 13.25

Total inches lost at measure points- 85 3/4"

Do you measure?  What points do you measure?

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  1. I don't...but I NEED to remember to do it!

    Great job by the way!! Awesome progress.

  2. I measure almost everything you do!
    Except lower thigh, which I assume is just above your knee? And I don't measure my ankles or my forearms.

    That's an AMAZING amount of inches lost!!

  3. I measure - but not very faithfully. Neck, upper arm, bust, abdomen, waist, hips, thigh, calf.

  4. Holy inches lost, Batman! Good for you!!! I haven't measured in a while--need to.

  5. HOLY COW!!! Awesome!!

  6. Amazing progress!

    Yes, I measure and weigh and even periodically take pictures. Anything to remind myself that I HAVE made progress on the days when it feels like I've been stuck at the same place forever.

  7. Absolutely amazing!!! Way to go! I haven't really measured in some time, but I think I need to start back up again. The numbers haven't changed in forever, but I want to put a renewed emphasis on strength hopefully that will help those numbers go down!

  8. I'm so inspired by your progress! That is fantastic!

  9. I think inches tell much more of the story than do pounds! I measure my waist every now and again, but the most powerful measurements for me are my cholesterol, BP, resting heart rate, A1C, Cardio CRP, glucose, etc. etc. When all of those are in the "excellent" range and I'm not taking any prescription medication, then I know I'm doing all the right things :-)


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