Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amy Dixon's Breathless Body

When you've been exercising as long as we have, you can get bored or more to the point the things that once burned a lot of calories for you no longer do.  I usually ask for recommendations or peruse Amazon for some high rated workouts to try.  A couple of months ago we discovered Amy Dixon.  I did a review on her Super Fit Bod DVD and while we like it and burns a lot of calories for us, we're not always in the mood to do step aerobics.  Enter this little gem...


We are really into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and tabata and a friend said they had this DVD on their list.  I decided to give it a shot.  Holy Crap!! Breathless Body: The Ultimate Calorie Burn (affiliate link) is a real butt kicker!  This tabata inspired workout is not for beginners!  This is something you need to work up to after quite a bit of serious cardio training as it is designed to work you out until you drop.

The moves are relatively simple.  Moves like skaters, fast feet, mountain climbers, squats/burpees, high/low punching, jumping jacks, etc are the norm.  The sets are 20 seconds on and about 8-10 seconds off for 8 rounds a piece.  Once you get to set 4, you're much more tired than you thought you would be and by set seven you're calling her bad names.  As the workout moves on, you really have to dig deep on the last 2 to 3 circuits because it's that challenging.

The good thing is there are 3 levels of intensity you can choose.  You can do the girl on the left who does a modified version of the exercise that's not necessarily low impact but is geared toward a beginner to the workout.  Amy does a "medium" intensity version (trust me, medium is relative) and then the chick on the right, Sarah does these extreme versions of the exercise that make you laugh and say "you're cute Sarah.  Exhaust yourself while I do the human version over here."

If videos like Tae Bo, Powerstrike, Power 90, Turbo Fire, Supreme 90 and the like are already in your workout repertoire, then Breathless Body (affiliate link) might be the perfect workout to shake things up for you.  I know it did for us.  It helps work on your stamina and endurance and torches a helluva lot a calories in the process!  Depending on my efforts, I can burn 850-1000 calories on this workout!

What are some of your favorite new to you workouts?

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  1. After completing S90D, I'm not going back to my original DVDs (Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels) and realizing just how much more fit I am. I'm keeping up so much better with the "old" dvds and moves I wasn't able to do so long ago are now doable (though still challenging).

    This Breathless Body dvd sounds like a good one, though. I'll have to add it to my list.

  2. I bought this DVD after you recommended it to me. I love it and tell everybody about it. The only thing I hate is that she starts with jumping jacks which I detest, but once I get past those, I like the rest. You are right, by about the 7th series, you are thinking she's not so cute and calling her a few names...but "smile, it'll make you feel better." :)

  3. After a too long hiatus from exercise due to 10 hour work days (you knew there would be an excuse in there), my husband and I have gotten into kettlebells. Two dvd's I've tried is Amy Bento and Kathy Smith. The Kathy Smith dvd is a little more challenging but I'm having trouble with it freezing on me. I try to focus more on toning than cardio because the cardio is easier to get in throughout the day by walking, taking stairs, etc. I have limited time and want to make sure my workouts do the most good.

  4. I can't do the high intensity training due to a back injury (remove two discs, insert titanium) but have been doing Brazil Butt Lift for the past month. I really like it, been strengthening my core and back, just can't do a lot of the swinging the hips stuff when it comes to cardio. It's a lot of fun but my back likes stability and I'm not sure if that is a life long thing now or just a build up to it thing. The doctor told me after surgery ten years ago to "workout as tolerated and walk walk walk". High intensity unfortunately isn't tolerated.

  5. Personally, I like to get out of the house to work out but in a working from home situation or when there's no affordable gyms close by these can be a great option. Any good pilates DVDs you can recommend?

  6. I have never been able to embrace the workout DVD for some reason. I do like Pilates for Dummies and Just My Size Yoga, but I consider those are more strength building, stretching, and core work--no cardio component. So i mostly stick to walking/biking and lifting/body weight workouts I make up myself. It doesn't matter what we do, just that we do it, right? :)

  7. Wow, that does sound like a killer workout and since I am just beginning I will take your advice and wait until I am further along to try this one.

  8. I still have this one on my wish list!! Need to just go ahead and buy it already.

    Have you tried any of Michelle Dozois Peak 10 workouts? They seem like they'd be right up your alley. The only one I own is Peak 10 Cardio Strength, but it's a great workout and one of my favorites lately!


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