Saturday, May 26, 2012

Post Vacation Weigh In

When we come back from vacation, we have been on the plane for about 12 hours, void of water and having survived on stuff that isn't the best for us.  This is in addition to pretty much 'free reign' in the food department on 15 days of vacation and the first thing we do when we get home is run downstairs to weigh in under "worst case scenario" circumstances.  My worst case scenario from this trip?  I was up 14 pounds from what I was before I left for the airport.  I knew that number wasn't right because my skin was so tight I was about to pop so I don't take it to heart.  The Mr showed he was up 22.  I knew that wasn't right because the man bloats like a woman.

I weighed in under the Mr's corruption on Monday afternoon (I wasn't going to weigh in until today but he did and was down 10 lbs so I had to see if I was on the same track) and saw I was already down 8 lbs in basically 2 1/2 days of good eating and one strength training session under my belt so I was encouraged.

That brings this week's weight loss to 3 pounds (same for the Mr) meaning that only 3 pounds of vacation weight stuck around for me!

That I can totally handle especially given how much we emotionally fed ourselves the first week after the let downs and then because our friend had this awesome restaurant literally 2 minutes from the house, we got used to what we called "second breakfasts."  The roosters start crowing at 4:45am there.  To the point I wanted chicken for lunch if you get my drift.  We were always up by 6am.  So we'd eating eating cereal and sweetbread toast with pineapple jam or toast with pineapple.  By the time we'd get on the road at 8-9am for our day we would have that painful "pit hunger" and head down to Sam's for 'second breakfast.'  I know, not the smartest habit to get into.  But I thought that would really eff us up this trip and thank God no more stuck around than what usually does, so I'm pleased with my results.  I'm also very happy I get to retain my 200 lbs lost title.  Whew!

Today is a controlled splurge day but not "high cal."  We're staying within our limits but still having cookout food so we don't feel deprived.  Before we were on this adventure, this would be the weekend we'd blow the weight gain from vacation even further off the charts and have a 3 day oink fest.  We haven't done that in 4 years and still get in all of our favorites.  So it's lean sliders with BBQ chips and baked beans for lunch and chicken brat with the same side for dinner.  The sodium is going to be a little out there but I need to chug my water that I've been doing so good at for the past week.

Now on to shed the next 3 lbs and get back to business!

What are you doing this holiday weekend?

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  1. I'm not sure yet. I was planning lots of outside time, but now we're under a high wind advisory (30-50 MPH wind, maybe higher) so I think I'll have to find some inside stuff for us to do instead. Probably a cookout Monday. Little guy's first T-Ball game was supposed to be Monday, but it's been cancelled.

    Enjoy your weekend, and I'm glad you have relatively good news on you first week back weigh in.

  2. I am glad vacation damage was at a minimal, lol. Enjoy you lean weekend!

  3. "oink fest" made me laugh aloud at work. Ha. :)

    We're heading to Detroit to visit relatives Sunday morning and staying through Monday evening. This trip will involve coneys, Greektown, and a BBQ at my aunt and uncle's house. They are pretty famous for their BBQ and desserts, so this is Willpower Weekend.

    Luckily, everyone knows I've been losing weight, so I doubt they'll try to force-feed me. They ARE Polish, however, and god forbid you aren't eating or drinking something every five minutes, so we'll see. ;)

  4. Kudos to you for keeping it under control while still enjoying your vacation freedom from thinking about it.

    DH and I can undo a whole week's weight drop in one night, lol. I'm envious of your ability to take it right back off. I know ours is related to sodium, usually restaurant Mexican food every weekend, or chips if we stay home. Maybe a gallon of water would work. ugh.

  5. This weekend is basically stay at home but the hubs is off on Monday so we are taking our kiddos on a hike. One of my biggest fears is that my kids will end up just like us. Chubby (I hate the "f" word), overweight and unhappy with themselves. As my husband and I pull ourselves out of the pit of weight gain, we are trying to teach our young kids good eating habits and to stay active. We try not to use food as rewards for our kids as often as it was used for us as children. Kudos to you for staying on track during your vacation. My hardest thing to do when I'm away from home is drink water. Or much of anything for that matter. I get all dehydrated and then my body wants to hang on to every ounce of everything its got. Thanks again for your blog and the inspiration it give me!

    1. I think that's awesome you're teaching your kids good habits. We used to have snacks while watching TV every night, but my dad was really great about taking us on bike rides and getting us involved with softball. Unfortunately, I kept up the snacking at night habit, but not the exercise habit. ;)

      I know what you mean about eating out. My current weigh-in day is Friday, but we have Chinese take-out every Thursday night. Sometimes I wonder if the sodium affects my weigh-in. We might have to move Chinese night to Mondays. :-P

  6. Congrats on the vacation weight successes! By the way, while rooster does taste like chicken, it's kind of weird. Long story there. Anyhoo, glad you're back, keep up the stellar work you always do, and continue to entertain us with your writing!

  7. 3 pounds is totally doable. I have faith in you. We are going to a BBQ tomorrow and my friend will grill chicken for me and I made a healthy pasta salad so I'm covered. Monday was going to be a quiet family BBQ but it has turned I to a 20 person Mega event. Will probably have a little more trpu Nile that day. It I will do my best...enjoy your weekend!

  8. Sounds like vacation was a success weight-wise! Three pounds is not bad at all to deal with.

    I have no plans this weekend, but to get caught up on work and get my house ready for next weekend. That will be the test of all sorts of willpower for me. My nephew is graduating from HS and his party is Saturday. His dad is very ill and the family is coming out of the woodwork to "see him one last time". We have out-of-town relatives arriving on Friday to spend the weekend with the last one leaving on Monday. The clan is gathering at my house Friday night and I was told "we'll just order pizza". My "out-laws" can be very trying in the best of times - who knows what next weekend will bring!

  9. I don't have much planned but before the weekend is up, I plan on having some ice-cream! That will be my splurge for the holiday.

    Congrats on getting right back on track. Those three pounds will be gone, pronto!!

  10. What kind of barbecue chips? As soon as I hear the word chips with the word barbecue, I start salivating. LOVE those things. I have some barbecue pop chips which aren't too bad.

    We just laid out a flatiron steak to thaw and then grill for supper, and I will have to think of something else to fix--maybe some barbecue baked beans?

  11. Great job getting that vacation weight off and not continuing to gain weight. You guys are doing fantastic.

    No big plans this weekend, hubby and I are staying home and relaxing.

  12. I have a headache that just won't quit today, and we have a 3 hour drive home :( I guess that's way better than 12 hours though!!!

  13. Whew! That is not bad at all! Good job!!!


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