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Monday, June 25, 2018

Yawny Weekend Recap

Yawny is a word.  I declare it so.

Well Monday, you saucy wench...we meet again.

It was a pretty low key weekend in the scheme of grocery weekends tend to be.  I'm going into TMI territory, but Aunt Flo made me pray for menopause this go round.  I don't know what I did to her, but it's been a long time since I had to take something for pain and use a heating pad, so paddling was just out of the question.  (Between that and pop up storms all weekend.)   I'm glad that she's packing up and I'll be giving her the Peace Sign Middle Finger(Affiliate link)

We went out to lunch, swung by an antique shop whose future is shaky and swung by Grandma's.  Her flag was all discombobulated from the heavy winds we've had lately, but thankfully the glue job we did on her weight at the bottom held so I felt better.   Then we started the rounds at the grocery stores.  Trader Joe's lot was a they all are but inside wasn't too bad, so obviously, people were poaching those precious spaces for other purposes.  They should be towed.  Seriously.  That lot is so small (they do this on purpose, there are articles out there about it) so there should be some system to boot out poachers.  Like the parking space opens and your car gets swallowed in the magma at the core of the Earth.  Boom beeotch!  So yeah, that was the excitement of our Saturday...I know you're jealous.

Oh, we did pick up a new to us thing at TJ's

The Mr knows I love mango anything and even though we're not drinkers, he's like "live a little."  Well, we did last night and about halfway through my mondo glass, he said something and I busted out laughing then he was laughing at me and this continued for a good 5 minutes straight.  Like we got an ab workout from it.  It was delicious and I didn't even get a headache from it which is super rare.  We're definitely getting this again.  LOL 

Sunday we did our strength workout before brunch then dug in.   (Affiliate link)  Holy crap doing that with heavy weights will hand you your butt in a new way.  It was laundry day, and we still had one more grocery store to do for produce.  Bleh.  We're waiting on approval for our patio.  It looks like a jungle back there because once we decided we were doing it, I said screw it on the weeds and just let them take over.  You quoted us to remove the garden, remove it all.  Pffft!    The "fun" part will be moving all of the stuff to the garage so they can do their work.  We saw a chipmunk back there last week which means there's a weakness in the barrier I put up last year, but we're paying for a new one so it'd better keep them out.  They look so cute and innocent, but they aren't.  Jerks with fur.

Now we're ready for a new week.  Oh yeah and...


How was your weekend?

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  1. Yawny is the right word for it but at least we're all stocked up again after grocery visits. Have a great week everybody!

  2. Weekend was spent bailing a lot of water and cutting the lawn yesterday. Got the grocery shopping done on Saturday and made some headway in the house. Got in some rest, which I needed from a sore back from heaving buckets of water down the slope of the backyard for 30 minutes at a time. Aside from feet and back pain, it was a pretty good weekend. Have a fantastic week!

    1. Well that stinks! I hope your muscles gave you a break today (or you're going to be able to bounce a quarter off of your butt soon!)

  3. Saw Sam Smith in concert Saturday but got home so late I was too wrecked to accomplish anything meaningful yesterday. It doesn't help that I had a visit from a similarly vexing aunt. I swear I'm in peri-menopause cause all the PMS symptoms and cramps are worse and I get moody like I did as a teen. I'm just glad it passed before my upcoming road trip w/ hubby. I was inspired in part by your blog to schedule a long trip to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

    1. Happy Anniversary! Glad there won't be third wheel involved to ruin things! ;)


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