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Friday, June 29, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #26

Happy Friday everyone!  You got your weekend boogie shoes on?  The next time I see Y'all, it'll be July.

#26 means we are officially halfway through the year.   How does it always sneak up like that?

Let's sneak up on...

The Top 25 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight  (Really good things to keep in mind if you're in a rut)

Healthy Weight, Healthy Mind: Why Making Demands on Yourself Won’t Help You Reach Your Goals  (Interesting perspective- might be worth exploring)

10 Surprising Foods That Will Fill You Up, Not Out  (Yum!)

I'm a Trainer, and This Is What My Clients Do to Burn Fat and Build Muscle   (Sigh, when this scar tissue finally lets up on my grip strength, I'll have to bump it up to 4 days a week.)

6 Signs a Seller Should Pass on a Home Offer  (Good info but don't pass up the contingents.  I think a 2-week time frame is fair.  Some of us don't want to miss out on the perfect house, and places in their area may sell fast.)

This vet and his bride got their dream wedding when a canceled wedding was auctioned off  (Wow, worked out for everyone!  I consider it working out when you realize before you make the commitment that it's not going to work.)

This Colorful Little Camper Is Exactly What Your Next Camping Trip Needs  (Hmm, makes me miss camping.  Just wish it wasn't the price of another car...and we have nowhere to store it but you know other than that it's all good!  HA!)

Poncho, the Spanish Police Dog, Goes Viral For Showing Off His CPR Skills  ("I shall save your life, give you a hug and wag my nubbin'!")

It is supposed to be mind melding hot this weekend.  Like, melt a popsicle in 3.2 seconds hot, so I suppose unless we go somewhere really early, paddling is out again.  I get this image of me spontaneously combusting in the kayak and then it pops from the flames since it's inflatable, and I'm immediately put out.  Images like that make me want to stay in the house or car with the A/C on full blast.  

You got any plans this weekend?

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  1. Wow, week 26 already?!? That means we are exactly halfway thru 2018. Crazy how fast this year is going. Happy Friday everybody. And since it's the de facto Independence weekend don't go and blow off any fingers with those firecrackers!

    1. Yes it is and in other ways it seems like the longest year ever. You know with 4th of July in the middle of the week we should expect noise from tonight until next Sunday.

  2. I saw Poncho on our local news and he cracked me up with how he'd lay down by the man's mouth to hear if he was breathing. Priceless! I actually recorded it so I can watch it repeatedly. LOL

    We cut the lawn last night after work since it was the "cooler" day before the weekend and I'm so thankful to have that done. Heat index of 115 is expected for tomorrow, so the dogs will not be happy being cooped up but they'll have to exist on pup cups instead. =o) I have a meeting in the morning and will grocery shop afterwards since the hubs is working. Then I'll be indoors for the remainder. Have a super weekend!

    1. I want to rub Poncho's belly...after he gives me faux CPR just because that has to be the funniest sensation! Glad you got the lawn cut, no one should be out in that foolishness!

  3. I haven't commented for a while because I've been crazy busy (kidding, I loved your post yesterday and you made absolute sense). I still read every day, but I've been using my chromebook a lot more. I made a point of getting the laptop fired up this morning because it has been a long time. Since I haven't checked in, this is kind of going to be a ramble of a response and I hope you don't mind. I finally got AC in my house at the same time as you guys had your replaced. So expensive, but so worth it. It's been almost 110 every day since Tuesday and my poor swamp cooler couldn't have kept up. We went cabin camping last weekend, and my dad rented some kayaks. Now I understand why you enjoy it so much! The closest places for me to use one are both an hour away or I'd be doing purchase research right now. Congratulations on the new car, I know that's a "stinky" job, but I hope you are enjoying it. I have to start looking to replace mine. I love my car, I've even named it for the first time since my college car, but it has a few problems and I need to have the research done so I know what I want when the time comes so I'm not flying blind. I will be buying used, and have my first choice picked already but since there isn't a guarantee they will have what I want when I need it I want to have some back-up choices. I'd like to go test drive a few vehicles, but... well you know how that goes. The last place I bought a car from treated me pretty well though, so maybe I'll go back there. The wedding post today was pretty cool. It's definitely a win when they call it off before the wedding (a painful win, but a long-term one) and it's more of a win that they were able to agree to auction off the wedding. Some couples would just be too angry and busy fighting and blaming to come to that agreement.

    Have a great weekend! and time needs to slow down now, my summer is half over and I am not amused.

    1. ROFLMAO!! Yes, it looks like both of our A/C's are going to get the workout this summer. When I come inside and 76 feels like a chill, there's no good in dat! Yay for kayaking! My inflatable was $700 so you'd have to yak a lot for it to be worth your while so I'd say renting is the way to go and you don't have to find a place to store it. :-) Good luck on the car hunt! It's never fun but so worth it when it's over. The Mr gets to do it twice b/c my mom's getting a new car the end of next month so he's giddy on that one. Enjoy your summer and good seeing you! Now, recommence your crazy busyness! LOL


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