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Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend round up


Good Monday morning all!

It was a fun but busy weekend.  Since it was supposed to be a little cooler than the previous few days, I thought going to an outdoor craft fair could be nice.  Well, it was as long as you were under a canopy but my Lord, in the blazing sun it was HOT and that was at 11am.  I am so not ready for this kind of weather when we're barely into June.  I foresee a miserable summer.   When it's in the high 80's it's too hot to paddle because the water here is so gross, you don't want it on you in any form.  The Mr got a pretty wicked sunburn on his neck.  He applied sunscreen but not low enough so unfortunately, it'll be his reminder for the summer.   But it was nice to get some extra steps in even if our phone pedometers differed so wildly, we had no clue whose to believe by day's end. 

We visited Grandma, then I went on the search for blackout curtains and ended up with some from Walmart to get me by until I find the ones I really want.  The only problem is some work is going to need to be done there because they are those gross HUGE grommets so the top is basically wide open and lets the light still pour in from up there. Seriously, why is the grommet SOOOO big!?!  I've never seen a rod remotely close to that size.  Not everything has to be, "go big or go home!"  Oh and because I don't have a blackout rod, the light pours in the sides too which has been my main problem.  So at this point, I'm willing to rig it up with black poster board which no one will ever see on the sides and slide a piece of it on the top too and just take it down if we ever have people over.  It's always something, right?  Pffft.

Since the dudes are coming Wednesday to replace the HVAC, we needed to make space in the basement for them to actually do so.  It's a task I've been putting off for months, probably a year if I'm being honest.  While it's nowhere near where it needs to be, the most stressful portions of it have at least been cleaned up which is nice.  It will hopefully be a good reminder once that is done that the rest of it shouldn't take too awful long if we're just diligent about it.  My eyes and nose couldn't take it after about an hour so I came up while the Mr swept down there.  Once stuff starts getting kicked up, my allergies really go into high gear.  We'll have very minimal things to do Tuesday night so that'll be good.  I fear that a REALLY early workout is on the books that day since they could potentially come at 8am and we won't know until that day.  Of course, it'll be hot so we're going to run that thing into the ground and set it at like 62 so that when they are forced to disconnect it, we can hopefully retain as much cool air as possible. 

We got the last of the laundry done then we decided we'd better go to the grocery for a produce refuel.  Then it was workout time.  We did this one and it handed our @sses to us!  We were sweaty beasts by the end and fully enjoyed dinner of a new to us veggie burger.  (Review coming soon)  We watched the video updates on Big Island News' YouTube channel and it was heartbreaking to see an area we frequented is now gone and the lava is looking to devastate another neighborhood.  We watch our morning and evening updates to stay informed and our heart breaks a little more every day.  People say "you must be so relieved you sold" and I suppose to a point that's true but it doesn't make the pain any less.  Hawaii is still our home.  There are places that were spiritual to us that we will never see again in our lives.  "Highways" (that were one lane roads) that we will never get to drive again in pure peace as we listened to the sound of the ocean with the windows down.  Most notably, a section of Highway 137 we drove the last time we were there that had a rainbow ending in the middle of the road.  It was a double rainbow, one over the water and the second over the highway.  We wanted to see if we could find it and we did.

We sat there for a few minutes just amazed at the beauty we were witnessing and then we drove through it.  It was awe inspiring and I suppose if that was the last memory we were going to get to have of it, it was a beautiful one. 

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. It was nice to get out at the festival Saturday even if I got a bit more sun than I bargained for. Thanks to your homeopathic remedies I am already on the mend. It is so hard to put into words what it feels like to watch parts of the Big Island that we've had the good fortune of being able to experience and know that those parts are now covered by up to 20 feet of lava now in some parts. I feel for the people who have built homes in those same spots and had to watch them go up in flames, which is hard enough, and then be covered by rock that is basically unusable land for a very long time. On top of that, that land changes ownership to the State of Hawaii once it does get covered. Talk about a kick in the gut!

    1. My heart breaks for the people losing their homes and even more for those whose homes they didn't lose but are now surrounded and cut off from ever being able to be used again. I know we talk about how our brains aren't allowing comprehension of places lost and I can still say out loud "imagine looking out your back door and 30 feet away is a fountain of have 15 minutes to leave" but it's completely incomprehensible to be in such a horrible situation. I know we will cherish to memories and all we can do is continue to support local businesses as best we can from here and remind others not to cancel their Hawaii plans. If anyone is going to Kona, that is 2 hours away and nowhere near the action.

  2. This was a really good weekend. We cut the lawn after work on Friday, which made me super happy to have the whole weekend free to enjoy outside afterwards. Saturday I had a meeting then we went grocery shopping and I finished all the laundry. Sunday I went with a friend to a garden/craft show and then out to lunch at Jason's Deli and that was a lot of fun. I was home by early afternoon and took a wonderful nap and since I had all my chores done that I had planned for that weekend, I was able to relax the whole day and enjoy time outside. It was only 68 degrees yesterday with a strong breeze so it could not have been more perfect. It's warm again today and this week, but the weekend was so much better than last week's heat and humidity.

    1. Sounds like a great weekend! Any recommendations for Jason's Deli? Anything is better than that heinous heat and humidity so we have to enjoy it when we get a bone thrown to us.


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