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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Multi-tasking Tuesday

Top o' the Tuesday to you all!

I was quite the busy bee yesterday.  I made my homemade baked beans which need to be babysat a bit while the beans are re-hydrating but I didn't mind the excuse to have to get up every 30 minutes.  I got some work done when the lawn care people went on lunch where I needed silence...or as close to it as I'm going to get where I live.    I felt super productive but dang the day zipped by and before I knew it, the Mr was coming home and boom, the evening was upon us.

We did a Fitness Blender kettlebell workout and I created some new swear words.  I'm not a super fan of when they repeat a round (or in this case 3 rounds) of the same exercises.  It's like when I know they're coming, I usually tend to give less effort.  But thankfully the past few weeks, we've really been bringing the intensity so I feel like we were just as strong in the last set as we were in the first one, focus wise.  Now I won't lie, we both felt like we had our butts handed to us but we did that for 40 minutes and then 20 minutes of PT that had my butt that was handed to me falling back off onto the floor.  I was a sweaty mess.

(We've got a crappy old iPod downstairs so sorry for the bad pic but it works so I'm not getting rid of it anytime soon!)
The darker spots are sweat stained proof we killed it.  My work was not done for the night.  I seasoned our pork chops then headed up to grab a shower and got them searing.  While that was happening, I cleaned the thawed turkey I'm taking to Easter and made a chipotle butter to season it with.  Since I'm making what *I* like for me (and the Mr- who is now excited about Easter), I don't care if others don't like the spice.  I swear if it's not straight up salt it gets the side eye.  More for us!  So I slathered up da breast and skin and got that going while balancing dinner in there too.  Multi-tasker I am!

Dinner shot.

The Mr was kind enough to do some editing for me while I meal planned for the week and now I'm talking to y'all and trying not to fall asleep.  I got to bed at 2:30am and couldn't get to sleep until 3am Sunday into Monday and I felt it as last night wore on.  I can't keep getting to bed so dang late!  I've got some research I need to get done today and try to get some stuff planned.  All of this hustle bustle is so I can hopefully have a little breathing room in the near future!  HA...that sounds impossible!

Are you a multi-tasker?  Do you finish the tasks you start or find you start a bunch of things and get distracted and don't finish?

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  1. That kettlebell workout is the first real tough over the head strength training workout I've done since I started PT for my shoulder and I am happy (so far) to say that it does not hurt today, which is a good sign. Tough workout too and we killed it!

  2. Sounds like your busy weekend carried into Monday.

    I try to finish one thing at a time, but I'm easily distracted so I generally end up multi-tasking.

  3. Good Golly Miss Molly, you are one busy bee!!! I had to wipe my brow after reading all you did in one flipping day. YOU ROCKED it sistah!!!

    I am a multi-tasker with some things. If I make a list, I'm good at filling up my time in between things to cross more things off the list. But if my head isn't in the game, then I tend to let things kind of hang out there without a period on the end of the sentence, ya dig? LOL A good analogy is some days I've got complete sentences, and others I've just got me a dangling participle... but then he goes to work. SNORT!!!! Feel free to edit that part out. =o)


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