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Monday, April 24, 2017

Back to Nature Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all!

For once, I can say the weekend didn't do a swirlie down the toilet!  I don't know the last time that happened!  We were both shocked that we lost a pound each given the Easter basket carnage of last Saturday but we were both ecstatic so it was a good way to kick off the weekend.  

We went to a mom and pop store that will be shuttering while we're away and I wanted to see while it still had some items on the shelves.  It was very sad.  It's the only place I could still walk in and smell my childhood.  While the Mr didn't grow up and have childhood memories attached to it like I do, it's still been a big part of his life for 25 years because of me.  I mentioned how I wanted to get some lilac bushes since I've seen people with them planted in our area and they happened to have spring flowers in and some bushes.  We thought that would be a lovely way to remember them by planting fragrant three season lilacs and always think of them when we're enjoying their blossoms.  Sigh...I have to stop talking about it.

I felt the need to be by the water.

We sat watching the swallows skim and swoop the top of the water and the herons be creepy as herons tend to be.  Even the ducks were like "yeah, I'm not swimming by that thing unless you come with me."

It was a nice sunset and it made me get the itch to get paddling season underway.  It won't be long now!  I don't think we cleaned the muck off the paddleboards/yak last season so I'm sure a good wash down and pump up to check bladders will be in order in the next few weeks.  It will be nice to have that as a workout option again especially since we've both been working all winter on building up our paddling muscles.  *Flexes back like I'm in a fitness competition*

We went to Trader Joe's and Target for the first part of our refuel.  There was a hilarious moment in Target with a couple and their two kids.  One was maybe a year and the other was about four years old.  Well, the four-year-old was being a twit and the dad threatened to put her in the cart if she didn't stop acting a fool.  Of course, she didn't and he sighed as he begrudgingly went to his dad duties and said loud and sarcastically "have kids they'll be fun!"  We went to the side and started giggling and the Mr said out of earshot "glad we didn't!"  Truth!!

Sunday was a work day for me but it wasn't too bad because we got to indulge in the fruit of my labor before boxing it up to be sent to his work for the dingoes.  ;-)  I put on a Hawaiian radio station, so it set up a nice chill day.  We still had a produce run to make and then get in our workout.  Beh.  The Mr was craving lemon pasta alfredo so I obliged with some grilled zucchini and shrimp on top...

I feel like I'm able to breathe a bit and still looking to get in some cushion on some stuff so I can try to enjoy the summer.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. It was a good weekend and was very nice to get on the water and see just how close paddling season is again. So ready!

  2. That sounds like a truly lovely weekend! Sitting by the water is incredibly peaceful and the pics you took are fantastic. And cograts on the weight loss for both of you! Wahoo!!!!

    This was a busy stock up weekend with errands, and although I was wiped out by the end, I'm so glad we took care of it all. It felt great having the windows open and all that fresh air. Also went out to the burbs and took care of just about everything we needed to and that was another great feeling. That pressure feels less and less and I'm so thankful.

    I'm a bit of a homer but I'm still of the belief that although it's Monday, it's a fresh start...and already gets us one day closer to the weekend. =o)

    1. I love being by the water and yep totally surprised by the weight loss! Sounds like you had a busy weekend!

  3. Happy Monday! I had an awful weekend so let's get right to the good...THE SHRIMP LOOKS AMAZING! Short of asking you to box it up and ship it to me in sunny south Florida, will you please share the recipe? (I cannot stop looking at that picture!)

    1. Aww, sorry to hear you had a bad weekend! NEW WEEK...look forward and hope for the best!

      Recipe is super simple. Pasta is Trader Joe's lemon pappardelle (sp?), Classico Light Alfredo sauce, sliced zucchini with garlic powder and black pepper- grilled and then the shrimp is seasoned with Mrs Dash Fiesta Lime. SOOO good!

  4. We drove back from Arkansas to Wisconsin, so that was a whole day tossed out the window. But I wont be making that drive anymore, so there is an upside to future vacations. Saturday I got to go to the most fun wedding reception I have been to in years. The DJ was awesome and really knew how to keep everyone involved and having a great time. Sunday was a recovery day. I spent the day watching Black Mirror on Netflix. I think the only real steps I got in that day were from going to the bathroom LOL and of course, back to reality today.

    1. Wow, that's a little haul! Nothing like a great DJ to keep things moving at a reception! People still talk about ours 20 years later and we didn't have alcohol at ours so that tells you something! I'm glad you took time Sunday to recover!


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