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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Earning it and feathery goodness

Happy Tuesday.

I got some work done yesterday which made me feel a little better.  Then I got an email from one of the places we're staying saying we still owed money.  (We don't.)  I emailed her proof through the place I booked it through that it was paid 4 months ago.  She claimed we didn't pay the security deposit (we did) and I sent her a screen shot of our credit card statement showing not only the payment she claimed she received but a separate charge of the security deposit with her reservation next to it.


I sent a follow up and we'd better be square or I'm sicking the Mr on her.  Why is it we always have to "earn" our vacations 4-6 weeks before we leave by dealing with extra crap we shouldn't have to.  It doesn't matter how big or small.  So say a prayer because mama needs a crap free vacation on all fronts.

We did our workout, a Fitness Blender lower body workout- a bit of bodyweight HIIT in the first part and then strength training for the second part and then full on PT afterward for us both.  I'm sure my legs will be thrilled today.  Dinner was mahi and Brussels.

Then it was time to catch up on the DVR.  We watched Training Day.  It's still so hard to see Bill Paxton but then he gets some great lines that are right in line with his personality and he delivers them so hilarious, we can't help but feel blessed to have had him to entertain us for so many years.  He was a big part of the Mr and I's lives both before we met and more so after we met.  Then it was time to watch the Grammy salute to the Bee Gees.  My Lord did I have the vapors for Barry Gibb.  I had the old school Bee Gees metal lunchbox...


I think it was my kindergarten lunch box.  I started young.  My Lord, look at that feathery goodness. Rawr.  So it was quite a treat to watch the special and see John Travolta and Barry enjoying the tributes from other artists singing their songs.  It also made me want to watch some Barry Gibb Talk Show episodes.

That about wraps it up on my end.

Who was on your grade school lunch box?  Metal, plastic or paper bag?

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  1. It was awesome watching that Bee Gee's special and Barry really rocked it out at the end!

    My grade school lunchbox was Star Wars. The first one was metal but then I think Empire Strikes Back was plastic. I liked the plastic ones back then but now I'd rather have the metal one as a collection piece. Funny how that is.

  2. I always wanted to take my lunch in a paper bag, and throw it away like all the other kids. My mom was too thrifty to allow that, and she required me to bring it home and reuse it. As an adult I totally get that and agree with her, as a kid it was embarrassing to have to fold up my bag and bring it home. At one point I had a little Tupperware lunch box that was pretty cool, and it even had a little plastic cup with a lid. That was great, until I put soda in it one day and it exploded. Mostly though I bought hot lunch even though it was pretty gross because I was too lazy and always running to late to pack my lunch.

  3. Good grief, that is SO frustrating! I swear you need to keep copies of everything and constantly be on guard and have to "prove" yourself. GAH!!! So much for a paperless society -- I have more paper now to CYA than ever before. Sheesh.

    Ah, Barry. I was in love with Andy (that was rather tragic, eh?)and remember him from Gimme A Break. *Swoon*. I never did have a cool lunchbox, but I used to see them. Shawn Cassidy comes to mind. And funny enough, I LOVED the Muppets one that was hard yellow plastic. My mom loved the Muppets so we watched that show every Saturday night when I was a kid.

  4. I may have had several lunch boxes over the years but the only one I remember is The Dark Crystal. It was my favorite. I got money for lunch and only used the box if I packed for myself so you know I loved it if it got used. I should have known then that I was a little nerdling and just embraced my fate but I fought against it for another decade. I'm wallowing it in now though!

    Are you prepping for the Big Hawaii trip? Cause I think I sucked up all the bad Hawaii travel karma earlier this year when I visited the Big Island. My travel companion screwed up accommodations so we ended up stuck at the over-priced resort the entire time (the food there was terrible and overpriced as well). My first flight landed so late I almost missed my connection, even though we took off early. My 2nd flight left almost an hour late because they had to return to the gate to treat someone with a health emergency. My 3rd flight, the one to Hawaii, had to go back to the gate to have someone removed. The kid next to me. He lost his s*!t when he wasn't seated next to his girlfriend and verbally assaulted me when I told him I couldn't change seats until we were in the air because by the time he asked me the crew had locked things up and we were about to pull away from the gate. Then in Hawaii I had a massive allergy attack because the hotel put feather pillows on the bed, not hypo allergenic and not in protective casings, just 3 regular cased so the dust mites could get out but no one could tell they were feathers. I didn't even get into the water. Not even the pool. I did see the volcano and the milky way though so it wasn't a waste. I lost my voice before we left and was so sick I paid a lot of money to move to an earlier flight home but they changed planes at the last minute and the flight crew on site didn't know how to pilot it. Took them more than two hours to get pilots in and during the flight the airline changed my connection to a flight the next day rather than the one out that night since we were now scheduled to land 10 min before the gates closed. I hadn't slept for 30 hours by this time and lost it. Like 2 flight attendants crouching next to me talking soothingly for 20 minutes lost it. I lucked out though as the crew of the connecting flight held the plane for me. My luggage didn't make it though.

    I don't know if hearing other traveler's woes helps but thought I'd share a little detail so you understand exactly how much bad travel karma I sucked out of the system. Hopefully you trip is blissful! It looks like you've been working really hard and deserve the break.

    1. OH my Lord! Your debacle sounds similar to ours on the suck scale last year!!! So yeah, no Hawaii for us this year because I can't risk compartment syndrome again this close to having healed up from it. I'm sorry it stunk so bad for you and I hope you don't hold it against the islands and give 'em a go again in the future. Just shoot me a message when you're ready and I can give some good recommendations! ;-)

  5. I would have asked your advice knowing what a fan you are but I was tagging along with a friend who got a free room to conduct part of seminar and I thought he had things under control. I loved Hawaii and want to go back. I missed so much having spent half the week sick. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to go at all. And really, it's not as though I got bitten by some poisonous creature, lost a limb or died. It's all about perspective and AFTER the fact, I'm focusing on the positive. I tried to do that during but good lord there's only so much a girl can take!


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