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Monday, April 17, 2017

Post Easter Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning all!  Everyone recovering from da ham bloat?

Saturday we got out and had fish and chips outside at a local eatery.  It was nice to be able to sit outside but unfortunately it was a little breezy so we had to dodge crap from the trees we were under.  I took the ducks my leftover fries and just as we were finishing up, the heavens opened up so we had to run back to our car.  We ran some errands and visited with some friends of ours who own a local store.  Of course the table I was there to show the Mr was sold.  I knew it would be.  Sigh.  We totaled our Easter baskets and our guts were full of regret.  Remember when you could demolish that thing as a kid and think nothing of it?

(I couldn't help myself when I saw his little butt after I bit it off- Lindt Dark Chocolate bunny.  Homer Simpson drool)
But I will say we did enjoy some of the treats we picked up in Canada.

The Mr loved his Oh Henry egg even if it looked like a Caddyshack turd and I loved my Cadbury egg which is packaged in the plastic casing like those Oreo eggs you might've seen and not that horrible foil that let's them get all stale because it gets peeled back or damaged.  They were the freshest creme eggs I've had in YEARS and if they don't start doing them that way here, we may be going out of the country for Easter candy.  Seriously, look at all of the stuff they had there...

We grabbed dinner later and did a grocery run.  I figured since I had half the ingredients at home, I'd also bring a fruit salad so I'd have something else to eat in addition to the turkey I was bringing.

I made our banoffee pies and put together the Easter platter my grandma used to do so all of that was done.

The Mr said he'd help me work on my rabbit lollys for the kids.

"Don't eat me, bro!!!"

The weirdo in me loves how the candy button eyes kind of makes them look like they're on something or just had their eyes dilated by the optometrist.  "Sorry bunny, your eyesight is going more carrots."  Brrrum bum bump!  I just didn't have the motivation to put smiling mouths on them.  I think it's better they look terrified they're going to be eaten.  So all I had to do Easter day was jam a stick up their butts and we were ready to go!  That never happens!

Unfortunately we both woke up with horrendous headaches.  I think between allergies, stress and sleeping on the wrong pillow, I was a goner.  I don't know why he was so bad but we did our workout, Turbo Fire 55, grabbed our showers, packed up the truckster and headed out.  All was well and we were more than happy to be home and collapse for the night but yet again, another weekend swirled down the tubes.  How I would love one to just stretch out for once!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Bringing the turkey worked out quite well and the pasta salad you made was a hit, which was surprising given how picky your family is. Now we've got another week to work hard and try to undo some of the damage that Easter candy did!

  2. Yumz!
    Ham bloat on weigh in day, gaaaa!
    Have a fantastic week!

  3. I had a 3 day weekend, and it still felt way to short. I was sick all weekend, so that didn't help. I blamed it on allergies, but when I got up with a junky chest this morning I realized it's probably a cold after all. Either way, I would really love to have another day off.

    We did color eggs though on Saturday. That's my favorite part.

    I didn't feel up to making Easter dinner, so we went out. It wasn't very "Easter-y" but it was really nice not to have to do dishes at the end.

  4. I love seeing all those candies! I'm glad you got everything done and you had some good eats for Easter (because you brought them) and could enjoy a good meal. The weekends go by SO fast when there's a holiday. Sheesh. It was a beautiful weather day here which is kind of unusual. It was fun for me to see the little kids around town dressed up in their pastel colors and not having to wear coats. =o) We cut the lawn on Saturday so yesterday was a treat to only have a few chores to do. Now I feel like Spring is officially here.


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