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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Creaks and groans, good eats and of course, Shirley

Howdy do, all!

The Mr and I both felt a little beaten up by the workouts of the previous night.  The funny thing is it was supposed to be the upper body that should've done us in but we were both feeling it from the hips down from the tabata portion.  I used my back massager contraption to dig into my neck and lower back before I got out of bed.  Good Lord man, I need to roll my foot arches over a tennis ball until my tendons snap, dig into my neck with the contraption (affiliate link) to combat whatever weird position I've slept in and depending on how my shoulder feels, roll it on the hard spiky ball...all to get out of bed in the morning.  Always how I envisioned middle age...not.

I had some "day old" challah I needed to use up from last Sunday's brunch.  I know, that makes it more than day old.  Stale, I believe is the word.  However, what does one use past it's prime challah for, other than croutons?

Let's just say the Mr was quite happy with his pre-class breakfast.  That never happens during the week but it fit nicely in the calorie range so I was glad to give him fuel for his day.

I got some work stuff done I needed to...still a lot more to do but knocked out what I could.

We went down for last night's workout - Powerstrike.  (I typed Powerstroke like 4x and that just sounded like a dirty movie set in a gym or something.)  It was quite comical at first because we were just still so tight from Sunday's workout so we were grunting and groaning until we got loosened up.  Then it was time for dinner:

Ginger garlic shrimp over brown rice and veggies with a bao on the side.  That is an ALL Trader Joe's dinner right there!

If you have one close to you, here's what you'd need to buy to make it.  (Almost all of it is from the freezer section except for the sugar snap peas and chili jam.  Quantities listed are for 2 people)

1/2 bag Red Argentinian Shrimp
1 bag Rice Medley (brown rice, barley and red rice I think
2 servings Organic Foursome (mixed veggies)
2 Char Sui Bao (pork stuffed bun...also called manapua in Hawaii)
2 servings Sugar Snap Peas (in the refrigerated produce section)
2 tbsp Hot & Sweet Chili Jam (with the sauces in the middle aisle)
Toss the shrimp in garlic powder and ground ginger, fry in 1 tsp coconut oil

So yummy and about 600 calories less than takeout.  Woot!

When the Mr got back, it was time for our annual viewing of Airplane! (affiliate link) 


Thank God I grew up in an era where I can laugh at EVERY SINGLE LINE!  I feel sorry for people who might watch it now and point out the 2,498 "offensive" things in it.  Sadly, I still can't speak jive but it's a life goal.  If you haven't seen the TruInside story behind Airplane, it is friggin' awesome.  There was actually a lot of research by the actor who spoke jive and I learned a lot from it.  Give it a peep, if you need something to watch tonight, it's a great behind the scenes look at the movie!

What hurts on you in the morning?  What "un-PC" movie do you love?

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  1. I am absolutely swiping that dinner plan. Yum! Love Trader Joe and their rice medley is one of my all-time favorites. Have a great day!

  2. I am blown away by the fact that you made such soft and fresh tasting French toast with that challah bread that was getting crusty. Seriously, it was so moist and soft it was perfect! You're making breakfast every day this week right? Just kidding. I already made mine but I sure wish it was that again!

  3. This morning it's my upper back that's a little sore. Some days it's my feet, neck or legs. Depending on what I did the day before and if I managed to contort myself around a cat while sleeping.

    I love Airplane. It's like a script of things not to say, and it just makes me laugh every time even after seeing it so many times.

  4. Haha my un PC movie is The Blues Brothers and Blazing Saddles. Man they slay me. What hurts...everything! Getting older stinks. Its great to be more grounded mature wise but my body's a mess.

  5. The movie that comes to mind for me is Blazing Saddles. Cracks me up every time I see it -- and I see it a lot because the hubs loves it. As far as kinks in the morning, sounding like Rice Krispies is pretty common for me. The main thing is my knees where I have to stand still for a minute or so before I can actually start walking. And my lower back tends to bother me because I'm a stomach sleeper for the most part and if I end up hugging on the pillow I end up with sway back before I know it. I have learned to stretch my arms over my head while in a sitting position and that really helps loosen things up. And this my sound funny but while I'm standing and waiting for my knees to cooperate I'll bend over and hang my hands to the floor and I feel the loveliest cracks in my neck and back and I'm no kidding when a couple of those pop, I get closer to the floor with the release of pressure. I find myself doing that after washing dishes too. Takes the stress right out of my neck.


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