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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My favorite visit yet

I went to the chiro Monday and I was excited.  I couldn't wait to give him his baby gift.  I found their registry and got a few things off of it and designed a cute little shirt for the baby...

Get it?  Well adjusted!  He's a chiropractor!  Never mind.

Anyhoo, when I went back, I handed him the gift bag and said I had a gift for the baby.  He thanked me and when I said "the mommy's always get to open the gifts so I thought daddy could open this one."  He tore into that thing!  It was so funny.  He absolutely loved it and said so probably 10x.  I don't know why I love doing unexpected things that make people happy but it was definitely one of my happy things for my one happy year journal that day.

He felt my shoulder and said he only felt one little spot on there but it was coming along really well.  I told him I did lower body the night before which didn't require any lifting but I tried 20's and only had a little bit of soreness the next day.  I was waiting for some side eye but he said something that made me feel very happy...and competent.

"I trust you to make the best decision for your recovery.  You listen to your body and I know you won't push yourself further than you can handle."

He said I can push out seeing him for a few weeks unless I have a setback.  I am going to try to heal it up the rest of the way on my own so he has less people to finagle when the baby comes in a few weeks.

Last night we did a serious upper body workout so if I can get through today without feeling like I did any damage, I'll consider myself good.

Dinner was cod over pineapple quinoa.

What's something that's made you happy lately?

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  1. I can see him being really excited by this and you did a great job putting all that together for him and his wife. That shirt is perfect!

  2. That is super cute, you are so thoughtful!

  3. Very nice! I love giving unexpected things.
    What is that delicious sauce over the cod? Wanna post your recipe???

    1. I use 1 tsp of orange marmalade on top to give a little bit of extra flavor to more bland (cod) or "fishy" tasting (salmon) fish. I can say this is where I won't recommend TJ's for this one, theirs is really bitter. But Bonne Maman brand is made with pectin and not HFCS.

  4. Such a cute stuffed animal!!! Congrats on healing and taking good care of your body by listening to its cues and not overdoing it. I think my happy for the week was when I went to go see my uncle on Monday and brought him lunch the very first word he said was "operation?" as he pointed to my stomach. It really touched me that he remembered. And when I reached down to give him a smooch he grabbed my arm and pulled me back down so he could give me a smooch on my cheek. He has never done that before so I know my coming there means something to him. And that made me feel really good.


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