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Monday, September 7, 2015

Birthday weekend recap

Well, it was a pretty good weekend.  The Mr got me my birthday cake to celebrate my love for Hello Kitty and fall.

I got to open my presents (yes, I picked the paper)

I got a new stainless steel water bottle, these Chobs Cutting Board Protectors(affiliate link) the Begin Again soundtrack, the movie Bad Words (SO funny) and rosehip oil based on a recommendation.  So it was a good birthday.  We went to a restaurant so I could get a meatloaf sandwich I'd been craving.  Now this part gets TMI so skip it to the next paragraph if you need to.  This place uses some kind of hell oil on their bread or to do their fries or something because sometimes I can barely leave the restaurant without having to make a dash for the bathroom.  I'm talking that Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber kind of panic.  I thought I was okay but by the time we went to another store, I realized I was not okay.  Two trips to the can later, I told the Mr we needed to get the heck outta there and go home while I endured the sh*t sweats and prayed I made it without putting the neoprene seat covers to the test.  I made it fine but I went like three or four more times and didn't want to leave much in case another wave hit.  I think I'm going to have to cross that place off of my list for good.  I love it but obviously it does not agree with me whatsoever.  I must say though, the meatloaf was damn good.  We actually ran into our friends with his parents and they sat them right beside us.  I had my back to them but the Mr said it was awkward because he could see them kind of eyeing where we were in our meal.  I just pretended they weren't there while we ate, we talked a bit before we left then went on our way.  The funny thing was just that morning I even told myself "thank God I'm not seeing those two because this would be the third time I've seen them in this shirt and they'd think I don't own another one."  I'll be damned if I didn't see her.  She probably thinks "damn, she really loves Tybee Island."  Not really but I love the shirt.

We did a few errands and later went to a fancy pants restaurant for dinner that we had a $25 credit for and got a good meal and the server even gave us dessert on him.  Of course we didn't need this and we both wanted our own desserts but we split a small piece of ganache cake.  It was a nice gesture and it was funny watching the Mr's eyes roll in the back of his head whilst eating it.  We tried to watch some college football but it was boring so we just kind of let the day wind down.

Sunday was grocery refuel day.  I woke up on the couch because ever since the Mr's shoulder injury, he has taken a liking to rolling over onto me in the middle of the night and waking me up.  I usually roll him back over but after a few times, I'll just give up and go to the couch and sleep.  My patience is running out though and I'm thinking of using birthday money on a cattle prod or taser because mama needs sleep in her own bed dammit.  I'm trying to establish new sleeping rituals and it doesn't help being steamrolled during REM sleep.

Speaking of birthday money, I thought I'd see if Kohls had anything for me to buy.  I rarely shop there but I realize 95% of my wardrobe is made up of graphic tees from various vacations or cheap Old Navy layering shirts.  I saw this shirt that had a built in mock collar and shirt tail hanging out.  It's a different look for me but I wasn't sure which one looked better.  The smaller size on the left was more fitted but because the tail is sewn in, it feels tighter through the gut.  Then if I go up a size, it kind of feels a little better in that area but I fear it makes me look sloppy.  Click the pic and compare and let me know which side you prefer because I haven't bought it yet.  I'm looking for a better sale.

We hit the grocery stores and it seemed the day sucked away from us pretty quickly.  Then it was time to workout.  I had to see what the Mr could do with his shoulder still recovering and he expressed his frustration in our lack of variety in our workouts lately.  So we went downstairs and I threw in Amy Dixon Breathless Body which we hadn't done in, well heck, maybe not even this year or very early in the year.  It's pretty tough and my legs weren't thrilled with me.  My ankle let me know I haven't worked on strengthening them and the last few were not fun.  I worked on the balance board a bit and need to commit to doing that all this week for sure.  Then it was time for dinner.  BBQ pork chop with sugar snap peas.  It was so good I didn't have time to take a pic.

I don't know what we're doing today.  It's going to be disgusting hot so I don't know if we'll be outside at all.

Which shirt side do you prefer in the pic?  Got today off and if so, any plans?

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  1. I think the one on the left is better.
    And I'm not sure if it's the shirt or your bra, but there is a line across your chest, so if it's the shirt, I wouldn't get the shirt in either size.

    1. That line is called a spare tire and it ain't going anywhere without spanx. It's made that very clear to me.

  2. Left shirt, definitely. (right one is sloppy)

  3. Happy BD! I like the shirt on the left. Always get the smaller size if it fits at all. You earned it!!

  4. You look FANTASTIC! You truly do! I actually like both of them and don't think the right one looks sloppy. I'm used to leaving some room in my clothes just because of shrinkage in the dryer, but if you think the quality is good where that wouldn't be an issue go with the one on the left.

  5. You look better when the clothes fit (the left) though I know it's mentally hard not to wear bigger clothes. I wish it weren't quite so long though..
    We are packing up to move to our new house (slowly moving over I just had surgery and my kids want one last Christmas here) so I'm working today going through stored boxes and trying to throw stuff out. Yay me? Ha!

  6. I vote for left. And I don't think the first commenter was talking about spare tire. The line she is talking about is on your left boob in both pictures. Sometimes I get the same line if my bra isn't laying flat.

  7. Left side, looks like you need to be fitted for a smaller bra too!

  8. Left side, looks like you need to be fitted for a smaller bra too!

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