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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

An icy evening

Happy Tuesday all!  Ready to go back to work?  Didn't think so.

It was a pretty good holiday weekend for us...relaxing to a degree.  Since the weather has forced us out of paddling last week and mostly this week, we've had to go back to the status quo.  After Monday's bout with Breathless Body, I knew my right IT band was a grumpy bear and I'd have to roll it with the beast (affiliate link)  later.  I asked the Mr what he could handle and he said he wanted to try a strength.  I picked an upper body strength/cardio combo from Fitness Blender and he used five, eight and ten pound weights.    I kept with my tens, fifteens and twenties.  It was a good strength workout and I was proud of the Mr for not trying to lift more than he should.

Afterward, I did some balance board work to try to appease my ankles and get some strength built up.  I've slacked and I need to get back into a good routine or my legs will turn on me at an inopportune time.  I used The Stick (affiliate link)  on his arms to roll out the tightness in his shoulder and then it was off to the showers and afterward we both iced our shoulders.  I iced my knee as well since it's still recovering from last week's leg routine and the 60,000 squats.  You add Breathless Body's squats on a few and the knee was a-hissin'.  I know, we sound like quite the pair, don't we?

I was planning on a nice high protein day to help us recover and made turkey meatloaf, a serving of TJ's garlic taters and some green beans.  The Mr's eyes lit up and he seemed quite happy.  I was too, it was pretty yummy.

Then he decided to flip on some football so I zoned out the rest of the night.

We did make paddleboard lesson plans with a friend of ours for Sunday afternoon since the weather is going to look considerably better by the weekend.  I hope the Mr can recoup this week and be much better by then.  It'll be in a no wake zone so hopefully there won't be any current to fight and make it easier on him.

Do you ice your injuries or ignore them hoping they get better?  (Gotta admit, I'm typically doing the latter even though I know better)

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  1. Feel like a bit of a mess but hopefully we're doing the right things to heal quickly and get back to it! Rolling definitely helps too. Better go get my ice this morning so you don't give me that look ;-)

  2. I definitely ice my injuries. Mine are recurring, so I usually try to ice them right after activity to avoid the pain. I also use ibuprofen when I know I'm going to over-use my knees.

  3. I'm pretty good about icing soreness, but I admit to using heat more than I should. Since I can't sit comfortably in the bathtub, I use a lot of moist heat on my knees and shoulders, when I probably should use ice a bit more, or at least alternate. One of my favorite things to do though with ice is to roll a frozen water bottle under my feet.. Oh good gravy, that is soooooo wonderful. I can dig it into my arches to massage them while helping any inflammation at the same time. Love that!


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