Monday, September 28, 2015


Where did the weekend go??

I'm seriously trying to remember what the heck we did!

Oh yeah, Saturday we went to lunch.  It always puzzles us when people bring their kids into a bar.  This place clearly has no kids menu and even though we're not drinkers, they still have a good burger when they're on their game (which thankfully they were that day) so we go on occasion.  It's not exactly cheap either.  So we got through playtime and hung out and then I figured I wanted to at least get Trader Joe's and Target out of the way and we went a little pumpkin crazy.

The Mr and I both got a box because I wasn't willing to share.  *blush*  So this is likely going to be breakfast this morning, I'll report back.  

Run far, run fast.  These are too good and we had to give half of them away to avoid temptation.

When Trader Joe's gets in pumpkin pie spice for the year, you stock up.  It's a moral imperative.  It is the best ever and I use it year round.

We spent the rest of Saturday watching football including Hawaii.  Not giving up.

Sunday, I wanted to get some friends an advent calendar for their vacation. They're going to the Horror Night's thingy down in Florida and it's their first vacation by themselves in a while so I'm excited for them.  I could've sworn I saw Halloween advent calendars in the past at Hallmark and stuff and couldn't find them to save my life.  So I decided to make one for them!  We took it over to them, hung out with them and their massive curly pup (doodle) for a few hours and then it was time to get the rest of the groceries.  Thankfully I remembered my coupon for once to get $5 off for spending $50 or more.  I seemed to be forgetting it all summer which I'm sure is the goal.  But the mahi mahi helped with that one.  Man, I wish fish wasn't so expensive.  Then we got home and we were starving because it'd been about 7 hours since we ate.  I made dinner and then we went downstairs to get in our strength workout.

We were both really proud of getting it done because we were going to a movie and it would've been very easy to skip.  Instead I'm sure we'll be limping from all of the dead lifts and squats today.  We wanted to go on a paddle to see the super moon/lunar eclipse but Mother Nature pulled over a blanket of clouds pretty tight.  Sigh.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Bought any pumpkin products for the season?

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  1. Happy Monday
    I repainted a bedroom over the weekend, that's pretty much it. Glad to have it done, it was great weather for painting!

  2. Happy Monday
    I repainted a bedroom over the weekend, that's pretty much it. Glad to have it done, it was great weather for painting!

  3. I'm about to find out how good or bad those pumpkin mini wheats are but I have a feeling it's going to be really good. It will be interesting to see what we both think and if we'll be stocking up or not. That is about the only thing I hate about pumpkin items like this. You just never know if they'll ever bring them back again year after year or if they'll deem them not successful enough and you end up wishing for them with no hope of having them again.

  4. Went outside of town last night to watch the eclipse. The skies were totally clear and it was pretty cool. Otherwise it was a pretty low key weekend.

  5. It was clear here. I sent you a couple of photos that I took of the eclipse.

  6. I just saw a recipe in the magazine I picked up today for pumpkin spice pancakes -- they looked so good! This weekend was busy. It was our 17th anniversary and the hub's birthday so I drove to pick up mom so she could spend some time with him and the pooches, then took her back home in the early evening. So Saturday was a long and busy day, but a good one. Sunday I recovered from the busy week and pretty much rested the entire day. I felt much better today and got some things accomplished. Today was the last day in the 80's and starting tomorrow will be 65 for the whole week -- me likey very much!! Can't wait to take the dogs to the park in that cool weather!


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