Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just say no to bowlers lunges

It's the last day of September!  Where the *&$% did the month go???

Sunday night we did a strength session of Chalean Extreme and in it were some bowlers lunges.  Now as soon as I heard the cue for them, all of these red flags went off in my brain not to do them.  I knew they did something screwy to me but I couldn't remember what.  I thought they just made my legs sore the next day and figured I could handle that so I proceeded.

Monday, I felt like my right ankle needed to crack and halfway through our workout, I was greeted with a stabbing pain that shot up the back of my calf from my ankle.  I had to stop and have the Mr kind of yank it a little like the chiro will sometimes do and it seemed okay.  I continued on and a few minutes later got a little shooter again.  Great.  So I continue on the balls of my feet and as long as I didn't put any pressure on the back of my heel, I was okay.  I rolled and did an ankle massage before bed.

We were set to do a strength last night and I knew if I didn't have a DVD guiding me, I'd slack and the Mr said he wanted something slightly more challenging so we popped in Atletica by Powerstrike.  It was okay even with the lighter weights but with all of the leg work, I could feel the back of my leg getting a little irritated with me.  It backed off when I did a zillion squats and then my right knee was like "is there room for another at the pain party, yo?"  I cut out the last two exercises, which frankly, I could've done but I was over it and it'd been 40 minutes so I was done.  I went to get on my balance board to see if my ankle could take it.



Guess not.

Cue Simon and Garfunkel...

"Hello Achilles Tendinitis my old friend...."

I iced it as soon as we came up and it was mad at me just standing to make dinner so that was fun.

Mahi fish tacos and Brussels

I put the ice back on it after dinner and sleeved up with the compression gear.  I did some ultra sound on it before bed to help speed healing.  I know I can get this under control within a week if I'm good and I don't have a choice, we've got places to go soon so I need to be healed up.

So under no circumstances am I to ever do bowlers lunges again.  I want to, they feel challenging when I'm doing them but bottom line is my ol' bod just can't take them.  Rat bastard.  I hate feeling limited by some moves like that.

Now I have to figure out what cardio I can get in the rest of the week.  I might have to break down and do yoga on Friday instead of cardio so I can pair it with Saturday's rest day.  Then if I do upper body strength Sunday it'll be like a 3 day rest for it.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm listening to this.

On another unrelated note, tomorrow is Sleepy Hollow's season 3 premiere.   HELLS YEAH!  Tom's dropping the wig and while I wasn't a fan at first, his longer than Tom's/shorter than Ichabod's hair hath grown on me.

What exercise moves don't agree with you?  (Or is it just me?)

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  1. Currently, my physical therapist has me banned from deadlifts and a slew of other strength exercises that put a load on my spine (back squats) or tension across my low back (deadlifts) so I can heal (annular tear at L4/L5)

    I refuse to do any jump squat or jump lunge since they previously killed my knees and were a driving force to find a different ortho doc (I had PFS in both knees)

    I'm still leary of tennis, martial arts and anything where there could be an unusual force on my lower right leg. One game of kickback set me into 2 days of pain last fall.

    I'm a ball of broken at 26 lol

  2. Ouch! Good for you for keeping on with your exercises despite the pain but more bowlers lunges.

  3. I certainly won't miss 'em. It comes down to even though a lot of these workouts feature "extreme" whatevers, we kind of have to know our limits and know when to avoid certain exercises that really cause more damage than necessary. Unfortunately it's also hard to figure out which ones do the damage until the damage is already done sometimes.

  4. I'm not sure that there is one exercise in particular that causes pain, but I do have a leg video that just feels weird when I'm doing it and always leaves my back sore so I don't do that one anymore.

    I hope you get healed up in time to enjoy your weekend.

  5. Ouch!! So sorry your tendinitis has flared up, but glad you were able to definitively decide that Bowlers Lunges weren't good for you. Nix those from here on out - lesson learned. :-)

    Christmas music - love it!! I'm started to really feel the holiday excitement creeping in!

  6. I can't do any type of lunges at all because of my knees. If you were to hear them, it sounds like fabric ripping and it's instant pain if I bend too far forward or try to go straight down into a kneeler position. I can do pretty well with squats but I have to be uber careful about my positioning -- even a hair over my toes and I'm in pain. But lunges are a definite no-no for me.


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