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Monday, February 23, 2015

Snowy Winter Fun

Happy Happy Monday y'all!!!

Our weekend got thrown off kilter because our company we were supposed to have cancelled on us.  We had a nice little downpour of snow and we knew the likelihood of them showing up was next to nothing even though the snow stopped by the time they would've been due to arrive.  So then that left us up to our own devices.

We got a burger for lunch and when the Mr got back, I informed him my battery was dying as my remote starter was putzing on the turnover.  We replaced our old clunky car battery charger with a newer car jump starter and this would be our first chance to use it.  It was on there for as long it took him to hook it up, walk to the drivers seat and turn it over.  BOOM!  This will come in handy for sure on road trips for that added peace of mind especially if we go somewhere in colder weather.  I think it also charges electronics and stuff too.  It's so much smaller than our other one that took forever to charge and rarely held its charge for long periods of time.  Thumbs up!

Then watched an ungodly amount of HGTV and the Mr said he was getting cabin fever after he shoveled the driveway and our sidewalk and both neighbors sidewalks.  I checked sunset for our area and told him to grab the thermals and skis.  After we WAY overdressed, we headed off to the state park and got in our first (hopefully not only) round of snow shoeing and skiing!

I may have gotten mah jeans a little wet!

Thankfully I was wearing my calf compression sleeves (affiliate link) and thermals underneath so the wetness never even got to the sleeves!  Oh and for any Beekman Boys fans out there, I got their alpaca shoe inserts for such adventures in the snow and they kept both of our feet toasty warm!   Woot for warmth!

The Mr was quite pleased with our burn.  (I burned the same.  I wore my HRM)

Sunday was a pretty laid back day.  We didn't get to bed until about 3:00am so we stayed in bed until about 11am.  Luckily we did most of our grocery shopping Friday night so we just had to grab produce from the last store so we did that after our strength workout.  I don't know why but we just weren't into it.  I do so much better when I have someone telling me what to do so no more freestylin' free weights.

We tuned into the Oscars later just because no other shows wanted to go up against it.  Tonight is the Sleepy Hollow finale and it's supposed to be epic and is directed by the same person who did the pilot.  We are praying that it gets picked up for season three because the twist in last week's episode would make for an AMAZING season.  So you know, if any of you want to turn on one of the TV's in your house tonight to Sleepy Hollow to help up the ratings, I wouldn't be mad at ya!  ;-)

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I am so glad we were finally able to get out this year. Instead of complaining about the snow we were out enjoying it. It was a great day and a great workout. Thanks for being my snow buddy.

    1. Me too! I'm glad it finally got above zero so we could comfortably ski/shoe. Obviously our legs are paying for it today since you had to take a soaking bath and I've just rolled my legs for the first of I'm sure many times today. Thanks for being MY snow buddy! :-)

  2. Finale already? I'm a few weeks behind watching my DVR so I didn't realize. I'll be trying to get caught up as I can.

    We got some snow this weekend, but nothing like they were predicting and it is sunny and bright - albeit only 13 degrees - outside today.

    1. Yeah, they had 18 episodes this season so technically it should've wrapped up in January if it had been a normal season. But thankfully the reins were taken over and steered back to 1st season caliber writing so if you're not caught up yet, hang in...the last 3 episodes will have you very pleased.

  3. So glad you got to give the snow shoes a whirl this season! This weekend was busy with going to multiple stores with my camera and tape measure to find certain items for my uncle's new place. Side tables and rolling bins to fit under the sinks along with towel racks (that I had no luck with) were the theme of the weekend. I found one rolling bin that will work so I bought that and the table I was going to buy turned out to not be tall enough for what mom wanted, so that was a no-go. I was up and out the door at 4:30 this morning for a day of hell and I'm sitting here with a throbbing headache and lots of tension. Oy.... The hubs is taking care of dinner, so I'm in the clear for the evening and will hopefully be falling asleep early tonight.

    1. Sounds like you were the busy bee over the weekend. Sorry the table didn't work out.

      Girl, how is it every job you end up in is fresh hell? Are all people in that industry just complete asshats? :-\

    2. It really is the industry-- I cannot stand healthcare! I've been in it for years and unfortunately we have 3 major hospitals here so besides the school district (no thanks) healthcare is the main industry that's hiring here. I'd soooooooo work with dogs/animals if I could, but al the kennel jobs are only part time. Sigh.....


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