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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Product Review: Mrs Dash Salt Free Sloppy Joe Seasoning

So remember when I tried the supremely awesome Mrs Dash Salt Free Taco Seasoning?  I knew they had other flavors and I vowed to try them all.

Last week, it was time to try the sloppy joe mix.

I used ground chicken and got it firing up in the skillet.

Ready for the flavah!

You add the tomato paste, water and seasoning packet...

...and stir it until it comes together.

I put it on a whole wheat bun and we went to town.

The verdict?

The Mr really loved it.  Like he couldn't wait for lunch the next day kind of loved it.  I liked it.  But I have sloppy joes so rarely that personally it was missing whatever it was that gives sloppy joes that sloppy joe taste.  Obviously salt but I think it's more than that, I'm just not sure what without a can of Manwich in front of me.   It is definitely a good choice if you're looking to control your sodium and want a tasty alternative.  I would recommend it for people looking to cut back on sodium while still enjoying this family favorite.  The Mr would probably say don't listen to me, get a packet and get to cookin'.

A sloppy joe tip no matter what you use?  Toast your buns.  It will give you a good extra five minute lead time before the bread starts to go soggy vs. untoasted.  Plus the texture is a nice contrast to the filling.

If you're unable to find them in your area, I found Mrs. Dash Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix (Pack of 12) (affiliate link)  on Amazon.  It equals out to $1.23 per packet.  (The single packet price was ridiculous)   So if you and some friends or family wanted to try it, you could go in on it and split the cost.

Have you tried any of the Mrs Dash seasoning mixes yet?  Do you like sloppy joes?

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  1. I did enjoy this but I agree it does not have that full sloppy joe flavor that you get with the real deal. Definitely missing something but still tasty enough that I was glad to have it for a change of pace without having to go full sodium and full calorie like with the real sloppy joe's.

    1. Yeah. When you're looking for a good enough substitute without all of the salt, this fits the bill. Given we have it once or twice a year, I'd probably figure out a way to just work in the salt for the classic taste.

  2. They don't sell those anywhere around here. Seriously disappointed in my local food markets.

    1. Well that stinks! I did a little looking and found a 12 pack on Amazon for a good price. ($1.23 per packet) I put the link in the post if you want to check it out. I know that's a lot for one person but if a few people wanted to give it a go, you could go in on it and try it that way. Hopefully more stores will start getting them soon. I was only able to find it at one store for the longest time then another big box store started carrying it too. So I think they may be branching out slowly but surely.

  3. I haven't looked around here. We don't have sloppy joes very often, and when we do we have a different version that hubby grew up with and I didn't know existed before we met. Ground beef and baked beans mixed together instead of the tomato based Manwich style "joes". I never ate them growing up and neither version is really a favorite for me. When I run out of the huge can of taco seasoning I have in my cupboard I'm going to look for the taco stuff though.

    1. Hmm, I don't know that I would call that sloppy joes but I'm dang intrigued and will likely try it now! LOL Maybe it's regional? Either way, it sounds hearty and well, farty. I shall pop Beano!

  4. I saw the taco and sloppy joe seasoning at the grocery store sometime in the past couple weeks, and remembered your blog about it. I remember thinking how the packets were hidden away, far from the section where all the sauce, etc. packets are displayed together, like those for chili, gravy, etc. Good idea to buy them on Amazon, although I will want to try ONE before I buy a BUNCH. I was wondering if a little mustard on the bun, might give it a little extra "sloppy-joeness" for you?

    1. I think they keep it near the Mexican stuff in our store. (Tortillas, salsas, etc.) I thought that was odd now that mention it! Yes, definitely try it to make sure you like it before buying a gaggle. LOL I was thinking the same thing about mustard. I can't quite say if that is the taste that is somewhat lacking but I might compare ingredients between the packet and canned stuff to see if something jumps out at me. I'd like to keep things as low salt as possible but I don't want to sacrifice flavor either.

  5. I have not tried them yet, but it's not for not looking! I've looked at 3 different stores and haven't found them yet (although I've found other Mrs Dash seasonings). I have 2 coupons for them as well, so I'm still on the hunt for them. I have not tried Walmart or Target yet though so I need to give those a try as well. I want to try the taco one you recommended first!

    1. I've seen them slowly creeping out into more stores so hopefully you'll get the in your area soon as well. The taco one is really great. I'll probably always have a packet of that on hand. Yum!


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