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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Gift from my HRM

I didn't tell you guys this because I wanted to give it a month to see if it was going to effect anything.  When my age flipped over another number this year, I updated my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) and it gave me a "gift" upped my target heart rate zone.  Gee thanks.  So now I would have to work even harder to burn the calories I want to burn each week.  (4200 calories is what I shoot for every week)

I was filled with dread because the Mr is always complaining about how he can never get up to his target heart rate for more than a few minutes per workout if at all.  I was now in his range.  It wasn't going to change my calorie burn.  If I had to do another 10-20 minutes to hit the 1000 calorie mark I needed then that's what was going to be done.  Period.  I was glad to see that I really only needed another 5 minutes and/or more intensity to get what I needed.  Now I will say that after adding those newer Supreme 90 Day over the past 5 weeks that our usual walk in the park with hills now requires 2x around the trail (for the most part) to reach the same calorie burn.  Now THAT sucked!  So we will have to just accept that an extra 20 minutes will have to be added to that one.  But other than that, I've come out calorie burn wise, unscathed which is a relief!
So eff you new age, you're not going to beat me!

Have you noticed you have to work harder from year to year or has your calorie burn/effort remained pretty steady?  (Please note I'll curse you under my breath if you're the latter!)

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  1. Oh crap! I never updated my HRM with my age or my new weight. Son of a buttface. I'm screwed.

  2. I don't have a HRM. Hubby got a wrist one, but it was wildly inaccurate (at least I hope it was or I am totally screwed). My mom is going to loan me hers to try out before I buy a new one but I haven't gotten it from her yet.

    I have noticed though that as I get into better shape it gets harder and harder to reach my target zone (based on a pulse check). I don't know that age has anything to do with it though. Based on pulse check charts I've seen, I thought the target zone actually went down as you got older.

  3. I hear you, another layer. The more fit I get the harder I have to work to get winded or "feel the burn".

    I don't bother with the whole "zone heart rate" thing just because it's too technical for my personality (and I've read conflicting info on whether "the zone" is really that important--so I don't want to spend money on an HRM just to be annoyed by numbers and having to wear the damn thing).

  4. I really want a hrm....

    However I am worried what it might saw when I am shoving cookies down my throat.

  5. The older I get and especially the more fit I get, the harder I have to work, so you are not alone.

  6. Since I hit 40 this year, I'm struggling more than ever! It's like my body is in protest and the things that worked the past two years no longer do. Supposedly I'm supposed to cut 100 calories from my daily diet just because I'm 40--I'm at the minimum now as it is! As for workouts, I definitely have to work harder to get any results. Necessary, but very irritating.

  7. sigh, I totally have to work harder, which I still think is not fair - I should lose weight EASIER - I have more experience at it now

  8. Hiya!! I guess I better not comment. I seem to get there pretty easy. But the calories don't seem to burn off. Maybe my body is screwed up!!


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