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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ring a Ding

Well we did it.  After talking about needing to do the deed last week, we went to our jeweler to get our rings resized.

The Mr went down a size from an 11 to a 10.  Mine went from a 10 to a...are you read for it?  7 1/2!!  That's two whole and a half whole sizes!!  I am still floored!  I mean it felt like I went from baby hand to POW size 10 fingers in high school on.  I have never in my life been a 7 1/2 in any rings I've worn except maybe I don't know 6th grade?  Who knows!  That's a size a 'normal' person wears.  Like, they actually have those sizes for people to try on at the jewelers instead of me having to slide it on my pinky and visualize.  I am in utter disbelief and so happy.  This is a major non-scale victory for me so I'm going to relish it.  I don't expect many to understand just what kind of milestone this feels like but I really needed this one.  (It didn't hurt that when I was in my skivvies the other day The Mr said 'damn girl, you are looking svelte!' and I laughed and said 'I don't know about svelte but thank you!'  He said 'well I like the way things are looking!  Now learn to accept a compliment!'  So that was nice along with the 2 lb. loss Saturday)

That was my excitement for the weekend...what was one good thing that happened to you this weekend?

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  1. We had some nice weather the last couple of days. Saturday was so nice that I just couldn't bear to be inside. I've been doing more hiking lately and it's amazing to me that for all the running I do during the year I can still feel sore muscles the next day after serious hill-climbing. I was able to find some fall color that's still here (we've had three serious wind "events" so most of the leaves are down) and I was able to get some photos of what's left.

    One more nice day and then back to "not so nice." Then there will be time for the indoor chores!

  2. We took the little guy to the pumpkin patch Saturday. It's so much fun to pick our own instead of getting the at the grocery store. The farmer also has some bales of straw set up and decorated into a great photo backdrop so we took some great pictures.

  3. Wahooo!!!! You have every right to relish the celebration of getting to a 7 1/2 size ring. That's some major changes!

    I wore my engagement ring on my middle finger for a good 10 months. It was REALLY strange wearing it on my ring finger again once I got it resized.

    My good thing from this weekend is that Saturday I ran 4 miles without walking in my crazy Vibram Toe Shoes. I haven't run in almost a month so it was good to get back to it - even if I'm still sore today.

  4. What a nice symbol of progress! Kudos!

    I had lots of great things happen over the weekend, but the only thing noteworthy outside my easily entertained soul is that I won $7 in the lottery. :)

  5. Any victory, big or small, IS a victory! Congrats on 7 1/2, that is really so NORMAL and great! :D

  6. What a huge difference in ring sizes - congrats!

  7. Awesome!!!! Congrats on the loss in sizes-that ROCKS!!!

  8. Wahoooooooo! Good for you! Dang, girl, that ring must have been just spinning around your finger! Surprised you didn't lose it!

    Good thing for me this weekend is that our school fall festival went well and I met a single mother who, along with her daughter are new to our school. We had a fabulous chat around the campfire. She was not sure she even wanted to come or if she would fit in, etc but I think she had a great time. It was nice to help welcome someone and make them feel at home. It was funny because I asked her where her accent was from and she said "Brooklyn"--yep, that's what I was hearing--and then she said she had lived the last 30 years in Texas! She sounded like she left Brooklyn yesterday!

  9. That is so awesome! I need to work on compliments too, I always over-think things!!

  10. Wow, I couldn't imagine being that size. Congrats, you obviously worked hard for it!!

  11. Oh yeah, a 7 1/2 is in that world of normal that we're all working towards. I have a real problem with my rings, it's mental. For a long time I switched them over to my right hand, on the ring finger. My fingers on my right hand are bigger. But then it flew off my right hand a couple times. So I put it on the middle finger of my left hand. Hubby wants me to get it made smaller. I'm afraid. I have this feeling that if I get it made smaller, I'll regain the weight and I will HATE so much having to go get it made bigger again. You see, I had it made bigger about 20 years ago. (I've been married a LONG time--41 years.) I can wear a 7 now too. I'm smaller now than I've ever been in my adult life, probably about the size I was in high school. I finally threw out most of the 5X's and 4X's and 3X's, etc. But I cannot make myself get that ring made smaller.


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