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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Le' Goose Egg - Weigh In

Don't know what's so friggin' French about it but ate the same amount of calories (even on high cal day) and burned the same amount as last week when I lost 3 lbs and got nothing.  The Mr. lost 2 pounds though after staying in his calorie range but eating enough sodium to send a horse into ICU.  Don't you love the fairness of this whole thing?

So yeah, I'll be fat forever.  At this rate I should have those 4 lbs off by our Spring trip, if I'm lucky.  I knew last week was a fluke.  Next week Aunt Flo is here so that means another zero despite my best efforts.  Meh.

*Multiple finger gestures to my body*

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  1. I don't know what to tell you. I am sorry though. I really thought last week was the start of something good for you.

  2. OMG, that completely SUCKS!!! I hate it when you think you've figured something out, and then wham! No good! I'm sorry, Mrs :(

  3. I hope you saved a finger for 'the universe' or whatever it is that gives you the 'ooh hope springs again' one week and then 'psych!' the next week! I'm sorry, Mrs.

  4. Dang! So sorry to hear that! I really thought that last week was the beginning of you losing again. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that next week you'll see a loss despite Aunt Flo coming for a visit.

  5. Not gonna lie--that STINKS to high heaven. The whole 'it's simple math' stuff they try to tell us about weight loss is just plain not true. If it were, we'd be losing at a consistent rate. I hope you're wrong and see a loss next week in spite of Aunt Flo. Something's gotta go in the right direction soon, doesn't it? Doesn't it??

  6. Boooooo to the goose egg!!! Yep a good double-pump of telling the scale that it's "# 1" is definitely warranted here...


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