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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am sooo sore today!  We did another of the Supreme 90 Day workouts...I think it was like Tri's, Shoulders and Back or something and while I'm glad that we're "reshaping our bodies because that's what it's all about" but holy crap cakes!  As we were doing our last circuit last night, I said to the Mr, "I love hate working out."  He laughed and agreed.

Because for as much as I hate it when it's hard, I feel so accomplished and good about spending my time that way that every drop of sweat, aching muscle, sore joints and aggravating challenges are somehow worth it.

What workout do you love/hate?

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  1. Yes definitely a love/hate thing. I love it when it's done for sure, but I hate it any other time!

  2. Jilian Michaels 30 day shred. It's my "plan B" so I never really use it the way it's intended. Every time I do use the dvd though I end up with noodle arms so I know I've done well.

  3. Ha ha I love it! Yeah I have a hard one tonight. Bob Harper's ST and I hurt for three days last week because of it. I was very rusty in the ST department.

  4. I love/hate Bob Harper's Pure Cardio dvd. It's the weight swings. While they're effective (and not that "hard") they just go on and on forever (and the little time ticker at the bottom of the screen doesn't help at. all.).

    Hmm, maybe I need to make that DVD my challenge for the month of October.

  5. hahaha-all of it :). Yep, there are times when I love/hate everything. But, most of the time I can rely on Strength Training to be my main love/hate relationship. Reshaping muscles is hard work :).

  6. I love to hate Jillian Michaels and circuit training. But I have to say that I hate burpees. There is NO love there. Period. :-)

  7. And it SHOWS, girlfriend!! As you know, water aerobics is it for me, for now, and the hardest workout we do is running into the jets at full stream with paddle boards extended out in front of us. It feels like drowning would be more comfortable after about three minutes of it but it feels like magic when we're done.

  8. I do Leslie Sansone's Walking Away the Pounds videos and I absolutely HATE when I have to do the kick-backs (alternating raising each leg until it looks like you're kicking your own butt.) It hurts so bad but I always feel super-accomplished when I'm finished with them.

  9. Mine would have to be any core/pilates workouts. I barely have enough upper body strength to hold myself up let alone hold my abs in while balancing on one hand and leg! I have a VERY weak core, so that tells me this is an area I need to just keep working on consistently. Nothing makes me sweat as much as core workouts.

  10. every single workout at the bootcamp I attend is a love/hate relationship

    I love my trainer Susan who runs it - she kicks my butt - she pushes me to work to my personal limit while showing me my limits are more then I thought

    and yes, she is careful that we do not get hurt - my limit is not the limit of T - who can do more then me - or J who can do less then me

    and while I love it - I also hate it - it is HARD


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