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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh...I wasn't supposed to weigh in today, was I?

I know I said I wasn't going to weigh in.  Then we implemented the new plan continuing with the slight calorie raise for 2 weeks and walking every hour for 3 minutes this week.  I burned 6225 calories this week...2025 over my calorie burn.  I had to know what the deal was scale wise.

Magic number?  I BARELY eeked out a pound.  Which puts me almost at what I was the first Saturday of the month.  Better than nothing I suppose but nothing to really celebrate since it basically puts this month at a draw.

The Mr and I talked and now we're going to go the oppose way, we'll begin lowering calories.  Now this may seem like a no brainer to most people but we've tried that before and it did nothing.  Then we'd up calories and lose.  That was before we started doing this new HIIT training so raising seemed to be logical over lowering. I've tried that...doesn't seem to work so we'll go the other way and see if that does something.  It's the only thing we can do right now. We'll be doing a more detailed analysis at some point during our overly busy weekend (I hope).

Sorry if I let anyone down by weighing in but I had to know.  Actually once I declared I broke up with the scale, like a crazed stalkery girlfriend, I became obsessed with it and was weighing in every day.  I might typically sneak a peek once during the week but this was that freaky "I'm by the scale, might as well step on it" thing and so did the Mr.  So we're breaking up with our break up of the scale.  Once a week like we've done for 3 years.  I'm not going to quit what works.  It'd be nice if the measuring tape would cooperate too but it's been spitting at me for months.  Fingers crossed this works.  I'll be honest, I don't think I'll be doing treadmill EVERY hour because my hips and joints hurt so bad I had to stop my workout Thursday because I couldn't walk.  So I will do some kind of on my feet busy work at the top of the hour with treadmill thrown in here and there.  I can't risk an injury or not being able to workout because of that extra.  (By the way, I DID row in place of the workout I had to quit so I didn't quit and do nothing.  Lest you think I was a wuss!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. I would never think you were a wuss. Pain and avoiding injury are perfectly good reasons to alter your workout.

    How do scales and tapes gain this kind of power over us? My other "stuff" doesn't. My microwave never says "pssst, you're standing there, heat up something". My washing machine never says "hey, you're standing here, strip your clothes off and wash them". My bed does occasionally call out to me, but that's different.

  2. Oh, girlfriend, you know me. I don't even like to SAY the T word. lol (For those who may not know me, I cut my left little toe off on my treadmill, which was quickly donated to my nephew.)

    A funny thing happened while Bill was home for his two weeks off (alternating with four weeks out on his ship in the Gulf of Mexico, again for those who don't know me). We have a little 10 gallon aquarium in the bathroom. It goes with the sea theme and provides a nice, dim light for those who go potty in the night. He was being a dear and vacuuming the gunk out the bottom of the tank when the hose came out of the sink. Water spewed all down the counter and about five gallons of it drowned my digital scale that I love for its accuracy.

    So if your aquarium murders your scale, is that a sign from God? lol I'm glad yours is moving in the right direction, however slowly. That's a good sign!!

  3. I totally understand the love hate with the scale thing. It's a fickle friend. Did you read the sp article over the weekend on exercise while being older? I know you are NOT older like I am but it did talk about when you have joint/tendon issues like we older folks do that you should not be operating under the 'no pain, no gain' theory. Pain means stop, or at least slow down. Pain is not a good thing. I'm glad you're listening to your body!

  4. I know this is past, but didn't you mention (or maybe I'm thinking of a different blog) that the exercise equipment was downstairs (or up)? If so, maybe the pain was from the stair climbing. I know my bones and joints HATE when I come home. I have no choice but to climb a loooooong staircase to get inside the house. There aren't tons of stairs (hmmmmm...never counted them), but they're higher than American stairs, go my knees and hips dread them.
    Just a theory....may be thinking that because our LOVELY soppy weather is making my previous leg break (sp?) ache.


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