Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yeah...so what?

It was a good and bad birthday weekend.  Good in the sense I got to spend time with people I actually like spending time with from some friends of ours we don't see often enough these days to family.  I got mostly money but my hubby and mom shopped off of my wish list which was nice.

The "bad" was that the one and half day planned food fest that lopped into a full on 2 day deal.  Ask me if I felt bad about it?  I don't.  It's been over a year since we've done that and given most of us agree I need to up my calories, I took care of that right quick!  Between the planned burger lunch we had with my family Sunday and then getting the pizza I had to pass on that I really wanted the night before, I decided I "deserved" it.  It wasn't that kind of thing though, it was truly that I looked at what I had planned for dinner and saw that I could still get the pizza and be within the calorie range I was going to be in anyway.  Yeah the sodium was going to be slightly higher but it was no biggie.  Oh...and there were cupcake pops.  We won't speak about those yet.  That post comes later in the week!

But we did a strength workout that I felt with major intensity the next day in my shoulders and back and then Labor Day came and we busted out a Powerstrike 5 workout and cut up all of our veggies and fruit for the week.  All was back to normal and I'm glad for it.  So I did a 2 high cal days in a row.  At least I got right back to it and will look to make the week average out to a little more than normal to see if it spurs on the weight loss.  I will say it made Labor Day a little harder because I felt like I wanted more crap and even *almost* rationalized it but caught it before it became an issue.  I'm okay with what I went over for the weekend, which was really just one meal and it wasn't some clusterfudge...given the hell month I have on tap for September...I'll need the extra!

Did you have a planned splurge over the holiday weekend?  A non-planned splurge or a little of both?

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  1. Despite my best intentions, the weekend became party time/food fest! That was good though; I had a great weekend with my family and got in a lot of physical activity too. Now it's back to business!

  2. Hey it happens! But you did the right thing.. stop before it became a problem and got your exercise on!

    I didn't have a binge but I also didn't go to a party. this weekend was all about catching up on homework. so not very exciting

  3. Did manage to eat quite a bit more than planned this weekend, but had my good choices moments and am fine overall with how it went. It is Tuesday and I'm back on track and looking at a great day :). Hope yours is wonderful!

  4. Mine was a bit of both. I planned to do some drinking on Saturday night, which I did. And I'm always bad with calories the day after drinking, so I didn't sweat that too much either.

    It was the LAZINESS that did me in, though. Over the four days, I only did ONE strength workout. That's it, 45 minutes of exercise over 4 days. That's just BAD.

    But the weekend is now officially over so it's back to the grind. Yeah, it's raining but you know what? I can run in the rain. It won't kill me.

  5. First Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I have posted responses....but I loved the whole Sixteen Candle post! I wouldn't feel bad about the splurge, I think we all do it. I know I do. You have focus and drive to accomplish what you want. I wouldn't call it bad. I would call it a treat :)

  6. your splurge was still planned out and not hitting some burger place mindlessly and eating

    To paraphrase what you have said before - this is a lifestyle change not a deprivation diet

    Me - I didn't take time off - I chose September as my getting back hard at it - well still modified for surgery recovery - but back to logging workout time, logging calories

    We are going to the States in about 5 weeks now and I want some new clothes *grin

  7. I didn't really plan for the weekend so with no plan it wasn't really possible to go "off plan". That said, I really didn't do too badly overall.

  8. Sounds like you had a good weekend, and the most important part is that you made intelligent decisions. You thought about it, you didn't eat randomly, and you got right back under control. I wish I could be that disciplined.


  9. I'm going to focus on the good things about your birthday weekend - it sounds like you had a good time! I think that counts for a lot and I figure you deserve it!

    I had some planned splurges with an aunt in town for just a little over a day and a half. I had planned for us to have a dinner out at a local restaurant/farm where the chef is known to work with really fresh ingredients and the menu changes daily. It was fantastic! Then, yesterday we did the touristy thing in historic Sonoma and I heroically avoided the free samples of luscious fudge that were available while we walked all over. We had a planned dinner out yesterday but I brought home half of it, so I don't feel so bad. I did a batch of yard work on Sat and Sun, so while I didn't do a "planned" workout, I still got a workout. I hope you have an awesome week!

  10. Meh, I'd call that all a planned splurge. Life is w-a-a-a-y too short to waste time fussing about a little extra on a special occasion. Lifestyle change means we make room for that kind of thing once in awhile and then do what you did, get right back to it without allowing the rationalization we used to do to set in. Didn't have much of a splurge over the weekend except for part of a beer and some snacks after a 10-mile race. And I'd say that I seriously earned all of that, so I do not feel one bit bad about it!

  11. These are just too darn cute. I'm sure they tasted great. They may be a lot of work but they turned out really nice. You are a culinary Goddess.

  12. So glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday celebrations!! I didn't have any induldges planned or otherwise as it was basically a working weekend for both of us. I do have some dinners planned in the Smokies, but luckily 2 restaurants have menus online so I can figure out the calories now in my notebook instead of on the fly.


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