Thursday, September 22, 2011

Running out of topics

For subscribers, you're probably seeing this going "what happened to the other blog post?"  I was informed the term I was using was also used on eating disordered websites.  I'd never heard it used in that way and I wasn't going to post the alternative term suggested because I'd never heard it.  Honestly, I'm in no mood to deal with a potential hot topic so I yanked it.

Now I have to think of something else to write and given my literal as well as figurative pain's in the neck I'm dealing with this morning, I realize I'm just not that interesting and running out of topics.  I'm torn between writing boring crap like this just to post or only posting when I feel I have something to say that's worthwhile.  I check a decent amount of blogs daily (on the blogosphere, not necessarily part of a weight loss website.  I'm talking Blogger, Wordpress, self-hosted, etc) and some people feel they need to post daily to keep traffic up, some only post a few times a week, others post less frequently and some abandon their blogs and have a post every few months in a desperate attempt to keep their blogs alive.  I don't want to post stuff that bores people but I also don't want to cater to an audience when this is my blog, my thoughts, my experiences.  Some would say I shouldn't have pulled the original post down if I didn't want to cater but honestly, I just don't have it in me this morning to deal with misconceptions of what I was trying to say.

In thinking of what keeps me interested as a reader of other people's blogs, I know that I check them daily to see if there's a new post (except weekends).  I get excited to see a new post and there are some people I can count on posting daily.  There are others who are so interesting that I wish they'd post everyday but the few times a week they do keeps me coming back.  Those who post with no regularity are kind of mentally put on 'probation' if they're not holding my interest.  Then if I find they don't post often like they were when I started following them or I can't relate with them anymore, I stop bothering.  I don't know if that's how others are, it's just how I am.

Does blogging consistency keep you following a blog?  If so how often do you like to see blog posts from your favorite bloggers?  What makes you give up on a blog as a reader?

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  1. (ooh, now I'm all curious about the general topic of the yanked post--way to leave me hanging! *teasing*)

    I don't care for blogs that read like diaries, where the blogger's every thought is posted in real time. But I don't expect a perfectly formed article each time, either.

    It seems I have a fixed satisfaction level when it comes to blog reading in general. I can get my fill with a bunch of junky posts (short pointless crap) or a few quality posts.

    The only REAL deal breaker with me and blogs are when blogs turn too extreme.

  2. If I like a blog I subscribe so that I don't have to worry about when they come back. I spend some time reading blogs each day, but I usually don't mind if someone doesn't blog on a schedule. Sometimes life is what it is and someone might be in a really busy phase, or they might be doing everything they usually do and just not have something new to say. If a regular poster disappears for more than a few weeks I stop by to "say hi" :).

    There are several reasons why I would "cut" somebody from my list, but it is rare and usually boils down to one of two reasons 1) I just can't stand them (whiney, stupid, lazy-lol) 2)They disappear first. Doesn't happen on any type of regular basis though...quite rare that I just give up on someone.

    What a blogger thinks is boring, sometimes is just what someone else will need though. I can't number the blogs I've read where I've thought "that was boring" and someone else left a comment about how it was such an inspiring post. No telling what someone else is going to find inspiration in. Sometimes just knowing that you aren't the only one experiencing a slump or who doesn't see rainbows every morning when they wake up helps keep someone moving.

  3. I think my sister ^^^^ said everything I would have said. I don't mind waiting for good blogs, and I do tend to tire of reading if it ends up being a lot of the same. But what I CAN say is that I am always excited when I see one of your posts! There are probably two other bloggers I read on a regular basis that I can say the same thing. I at least know that it will be funny, insightful or entertaining no matter what. :-)

    So I say, I'm good with once a week or every couple days. I'm just not good if you STOP! I need to have good stuff from the Mrs.!

  4. I only have a few blogs the I make a point of reading. Yours & one other are the most regular (daily or almost) while the the others are more random and further apart.

    Once I feel like I'm invested in someone (like you) I'll usually stick around no matter how much or little they post. I do like the variety you post - one day a recipe, the next a workout, another day a gripe session... It's like Forrest's box of chocolates.

    I have to say that I too am totally curious about the "other" blog topic now.

  5. I too am curious about the other blog post LOL However, because I met you on SP and find you funny and real, that is why I follow you. The number of posts you generate is not an issue, if I only check once a week I can scroll down and get others. I also actually think you would probably benefit from taking a month or two off of posting anyway. Kind of like a destressor. Come back and post away when you are refreshed and really want to do it.

  6. Sorry! I wasn't trying to start a fire, I was just trying to help.

    As for topics, yeah. Some days I just can't think of things, but I've made my blog an all encompassing one, so it's much easier for me than you as yours has a specific focus.

    Honestly, you could always choose certain days of the week that you write and post. That way, your audience would know when to expect something.

    I check blogs first thing when I get to work Monday through Friday (unless I'm really busy, then I forget). I have a list of blogs in my favorites.

    There is one that I only read on occassion, because they have certain interests that don't sit well with me.

    Other than that, I read the same ones every day. Occassionally, I'll click over on someone's blog that commented on a blog I'm reading.

  7. I never saw blogs until my SP experience. I've considered them to be interactive diaries. The writer writes for themselves, not for their audience. I guess they have evolved to become something else, more audience focused or "hit" geared. For myself, I subscribe to someone's blog if I like them, much as I would call my friends to see how they're doing. I've never browsed blog sites to know what strangers write. I bet I'm missing out on fun stuff. I've never had time to do that, so I doubt I'd have time to follow them even if I did find them. I have friends who blog about getting up, drinking coffee, letting the dog out... every single day. In short order, you would WRITE their blog. I tire of that brand of blogging quickly. For me, variety is the spice of life. I guess that's why I love yours so much! If a blog flows every day, write it. If it doesn't? Don't try to conjure one up. Go with the flow.

  8. Also wondering what the original topic was...

    I count you as one that I wish would post everyday but I enjoy what you post so much that I would keep coming back no matter how often you post.

  9. I don't really have a specified amount that I want to see with bloggers I follow. I figure if they have something they feel is pertinent for them to say, I'm good with reading it. Same with me commenting on them...some I can relate to and will comment, and other topics, while interesting, I don't always have something to say. I look at blogging as one's one therapy in a way. I don't look to be entertained, inspired or anything like that (that makes it more about me then, rather than the blogger). Like MissyE said, the ones who just give a play by play of their days don't hold my interest at all (idle chitchat is not my strong suit, which I'm trying to work on). I know for me, I do more "private blogging" where I journal more than post. I have to get back to posting a bit more though (a goal I'm working on because my tendency is to withdraw from the public). I've gone back to read some of my blogs on SP and I like that I posted them because it tells a story. Now I just need to find my cowardly lion courage and begin that again.

  10. I usually check up on my favorite blogs about one-two times per week. Hence, the several comments you will be approving here shortly. :)

  11. I subscribe to your blog so I don't miss when a new one is up, I don't usually have time to read them every day but am trying to get caught up so I am not reading 6 or 7 at once - but even so they are all interesting


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