Friday, September 23, 2011

Can you be a "fit foodie?"

Isn't it funny how when you hear the word "foodie" you think of someone who loves food but you don't really think of a fat person?  At least I don't.  Many people who see fat people assume that of course they love food or they wouldn't be that way and that once they start losing weight they won't ever get to be a true foodie because they'll have to deprive themselves to get and keep the weight off.  I think there's nothing further from the truth.

I consider myself a foodie more now than I did 188 lbs ago.  I would say in the past I was more of a food addict though I really hate to use that term.  At close to 500 lbs, I didn't eat the way many people assume people that fat people eat.  I didn't dump a bucket of food in a trough and chow down from morning to night.  I had normal meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I bought cereal because I thought it tasted good (hello Lucky Charms and Crunchberries!) and not for the fiber content.  We had Lean Pockets and veggies and fruit and some kind of fruit bar.  For dinner, restaurant sized dinners but nothing ridiculous and a snack later in the evenings.  These things may have been in a normal calorie range but very low in fiber and high in sodium.  On the weekends basically from Friday night to Sunday afternoon was spent eating out because we'd been "good" calorie wise throughout the week.  We basically ate the way many people do now that have little time or desire to cook.  While we could've eaten the way we did then during the week and maintained our weight, we blew it on the weekends because our relationship with food was so screwed up.  You were supposed to eat until full and our definition of full now is so different from what it was then.  Full equalled stuffed back then.  We used to split a box of spaghetti...thats 4 servings each!  But that's what they give in the restaurants so it must be okay, right?  Wrong!  Eating out for 5 meals during the weekend didn't help because those things are loaded with sodium and we considered it a free for all because we "watched it" during the week.  Ugh!

Now, we have a different relationship with food.  I measure EVERYTHING.  It's automatic for me.  Condiments, pasta before I cook it, meat before I cook it, all of it.  There are still times I look at what I prepared and think "there's no way I'll be full after that" but am always amazed that I am.  Sometimes I'm ashamed at what I used to eat and thankful I know the difference.  I still eat cupcakes and pizza and donuts.  What kind of life would it be to never indulge in those things?  But I don't settle for getting those things from anywhere.  It has to be a high quality place.  If we're trying new things, we split them.  If it's bad, we throw it away because putting something inspiring in my body is more important than being in the clean plate club.  When I see or make up yummy recipes that I post here, I do it with not just nutrition but taste in mind as much as possible.  I'm not going to deny myself something that is delicious even if it's not the most nutritious.  I just don't keep it in the house.  I take a serving and either freeze it or send it to work.  This has to last me the rest of my life and I refuse to go on some fad diet that I would grow to resent and not be able to stick with.  Been there, done that more times than I care to recall.

As this journey continues, my love affair with food has thankfully changed for the better.  I am always looking for ways to make recipes healthier or make something that will make my hubby sink back in his chair or proclaim "that was awesome!"  I may not be a fit foodie yet but I'm getting there and my relationship with food is the healthiest it's ever been!

Do you consider yourself a foodie, a food addict or something in between?

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  1. Good blog! I have always been attached to food too. I am going to say mostly as an addict but in the past 2 years I have changed alot of that. It really is amazing how ingrained food is our society. I totally agree with you. If your going to eat something make it the best it can be. I used to think "oh i can't eat that its too expensive" now I think "oh i can eat that because its the best for me and in the long run totally worth it". Love the recipes/reviews you put up! Yummy! Still eating chia seeds. Love em! Hugs.

  2. The portion sizes were our biggest downfall back then. I am so glad we finally got that all figured out. We still have a long way to go but the nice thing is that we continue to perfect things along the way and it only gets better. I like that we can still indulge in wonderful food without completely "blowing our diet" and feeling like we have to start over again because of that. We stay in a calorie range all week long and give ourselves that 1 day where we can have what we crave and it works!

  3. me and my hubby used to split a box of spaghetti too!!

    I am definately a foodie, but the definition of that has changed over time. I used to be a foodie where I would eat good things, and if it was something I liked I'd eat a large quantity.

    Now, I am WAY more picky about the quality of my food.. If its to die for, I don't mind eating a larger portion. But, if i take a bite of something its anything less than stellar, I don't continue to eat it.

  4. Love the attitude. I'd like to think of myself as a foodie. I love watching food network, trying new recipes, ordering things I've never tried in restaurants, all of it! Hubby and I love critiquing it after we try something new also.

    I love trying new stuff out. Mainly because if it's something I like I will try and make it myself. (I will also know how it's supposed to taste and the consistence.) If it's just something that's so-so, then chances are I won't bother if it's a complicated recipe. My time is worth something too!

    Years ago I want to CA, and I wasn't too impressed but one of my dreams now is to go back so I can eat in Hell's Kitchen. I watch that tv show so much and they serve the same foods over and over and I just want to try them all! I think that's my only "dream vacation" focused on food though. All the rest are about things I want to do!

  5. I'm so NOT a foodie. I joke I have the sophisticated palate of a 6-year-old (meaning I could live on chicken fingers and fries). BUT, since I've been changing my poor eating habits, I have been trying different things and enjoying it. But as a whole, I'm just not THAT gastronomically adventureous.

    And I hear you on cereal. Lordy, how I love kiddie cereal (cocoa puffs for the WIN). I used to devour a box of that crap in about two days. Now I still eat it but it's portion controlled to the max.

  6. I'd say I'm more of a foodie now as opposed to a food addict. My attitude toward food has changed dramatically since I've been on this journey. I don't deprive myself of treats--that's not realistic for the rest of my life. I'm much more choosy about them, though, and don't feel the need to have a treat every day. Cookies can actually (gasp!) go stale in my cookie jar these days because I forget they are there . . .

  7. I love your attitude towards your food lifestyle (I HATE the word diet) and food itself. I think your success speaks for itself and your blog is such an encouragement to me.

  8. Hi : ) I just saw your comment on a post about chicken cordon bleu. I came over to say congratulations on your magnificent weight loss. That is fantastic. I struggle every day with food. : ( I am going to start a new diet tomorrow and I am so hopeful that it will go well. It was nice to meet you today.

  9. Thanks so much to everyone for their comments! I'm always so interested to see people's take on subjects like that.

    Life with Kaishon- Thanks for stopping by and the congrats! It's much appreciated! Hope to see you around and good luck on your healthier lifestyle!

  10. Hmmm...interesting question! I definitely don't consider myself a foodie, but I'm definitely not an addict either. If I had to classify myself as something in relation to food I would say that I enjoy GOOD food. Like you, it doesn't always have to be super nutritional, but I do watch what I eat. Quality food is a good descriptor...

  11. Funnily (is that a word?) enough, I think that the journey to losing weight has made me more of a foodie and less of a food addict.

    There is something in the quality vs quantity discussion. It's much easier to stop now after the ROI diminishes - you know, when that bite of food you have is not nearly as good as the first few?

  12. I do consider myself a foodie, I just happen to be one that has learned portion control and that being a foodie doesn't mean eating EVERYTHING

    And while there are times I miss being able to mindlessly indulge I also find I enjoy my life more now that I can savor the occasional treat rather then scarfing them all down.

    So tonight as I sit here snacking on yellow cherry tomatoes I am cathing up on your blogs, it has been a bit busy lately



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