Saturday, September 3, 2011

*Gritting Teeth* - Weigh In

Really?  You couldn't throw me the 3 so I could hit 190 lbs lost?  I mean even the birthday gift of an entire pound was too much to ask?  Or even a half pound??  For those who would say "at least it's down."  No it's not.  I'm simply getting back into the number before I gained that freak pound a 2 weeks ago for no apparent reason.  Oh and the whole eating more thing?  I couldn't even do that right.  A mere 20 calorie bump above my average for last week!  What is it with the mental block of not being able to eat above a certain range when I know it may benefit me to do so??  I even made sure I stuck to as close to my calorie goal as possible, burning 4318 last week.  At this rate it will take me all month to lose 2 damn pounds.  Hell I only lost ONE pound last month so it could take me 2 months to lose 2 lbs.  I am so beyond frustrated it doesn't even register.  I don't know whether to try to up my calories or decrease them.  I've tried lowering them before with no success.  I'm trying to raise it but I seem to have a mental block from doing that.  Ugh.

With 2 birthday celebrations between today and tomorrow there should be no problems raising the calories over the weekend.  Now I just have to plan for the week.  I'm seriously so tired of trying to guess what my body needs and how to get there.  It makes me WANT to throw in the towel and say f*** it but I know nothing will come of that either.  I'll be in the corner with my piece of birthday cake, crying and curled up in the fetal position.

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  1. I'll join you in that corner with some birthday cake and a few tears here and there (and I'll bring a sledgehammer for the scale). I have no words of advise, but really, I don't think you're looking for any. I think you just need to vent and know that you're supported no matter what. I'm thinking about you, friend, and hoping that this is a very special weekend for you. xo

  2. I'm bringing my Wham! hit list on my ghettoblaster. I have a "choose life" t-shirt, neon yellow socks and those little rubber bracelets madonna made so famous - just for you. We get all done up and do those crazy eighties moves we always wanted to do! We are stylin' and rockin'. We take a polaroid pic for posterity! Hoping this cheered you up! Hugs.

  3. Where's the gun for shooting the scale?! That stinks to high heaven with all the work you have been doing. I've got the same stupid mental block when it comes to increasing my calories consumed; just haven't been able to do it either. Something has to give eventually, just don't know quite what it will take. Giving up is not an option, though; wish I had some brilliant words of wisdom to offer, but I'm fresh out. I hope knowing you're not alone helps a little.

  4. I've typed and erased several messages now. I typed and erased a version of "sorry". I've typed and erased a version of "you can do it" and I've typed and erased a version of "there is an ass-kicking brewing on the horizon". None of them seemed quite the right thing to say. So maybe I'll just stick with Happy Birthday and I hope (and feel) that things will go better this week!!

  5. You know I am not one to blow roses up your butt, so I'm gonna shoot straight here:

    Damn it. Eat more!

    Trust me, it's the only way I lose weight. SP ranges (or wherever you get your ranges) be damned. Add 100 calories a day. And you have to do it for at least three weeks.




  6. I have to agree with 'mel' on the whole eat more. As hard and absurd as it sounds, it usually works. I've struggled with it personally, and it works. I hope you can come out of the fetal position long enough to enjoy the celebrations this weekend! hang in there Mrs *HUGS*

  7. AS far as eating more calories... is the problem raising the calories of a meal? If it is why don't you add in a healthy smoothie somewhere into your day? Or high calorie (but healthy) snack? A couple ounces more protein? Maybe you should add a good stiff cocktail to the end of the day? What the heck... just start before lunch!

    Sigh. I just so feel for you! For wahtever it is worth, I'm rooting for you, and I know you'll get there!

    {{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}

  8. ugh. how frustrating for you.

    i would say MORE calories. FUEL FOR THE FIRE!

  9. Once you get used to a certain calorie range, it can be difficult eating over it. You feel guilty for going over it, and the fear is that you'll end up gaining instead of losing because eating more to lose weight just sounds wrong. (No matter how much science they have backing the idea up.)

    Little things add up. We learned that when we were learning how to cut calories. So add an extra pat of butter to the veggies. Or add an extra scoop of protein powder to a smoothie. Little stuff that doesn't make you feel like you're eating a bunch more food was easier for me to do than just adding a big thing. Just a suggestion that might work for you too.


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