Friday, June 14, 2024

What I'm Reading This Week #24

Hello hello and Happy Friday my lovelies.  Did you have a bitchin' week?  Me either.  This week was chalk full of appointments and another 'first' and I'm mentally exhausted.  It was time for my one year vagine check up for the VIN1 to make sure everything is still at bay.  The gynie changed the days she's at my location so when did it get switched to?  Mom's birthday.  Awesome.  But I guess it gave me something else to stress over besides that.  Of course I couldn't come out scot free, I have a 'watch' spot and she'll look at it again in October.  No more biopsies please.  I had a chiro appointment Monday and yesterday I got a massage for my shoulder impingement with a girl I just don't vibe with.  The one I did like left.  Great.  So I'll have to see if another woman has something available because I am going to need to keep this up to get whatever is bunged up in there unbunged.  Why do the people you get used to and like leave?  Grrrr!

Now let's get to:

Here's Exactly What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Bone Broth Every Day  (Just remembered I have some in the pantry.  Target's Good and Gather low sodium version is the cheapest I've found and I just happen to need a protein boost today!)

11 Natural Ways to Lower Your Cortisol Levels  (Must do this.  Mine is always through the roof.)

Unexpected Connection Between Menthol And Alzheimer's Discovered in Mice  (So like should I be grabbing those Vicks inhaler thingies?!)

22 Small Bedroom Ideas To Help Your Space Live Larger, According To Designers  (I can vouch for many of these.  When we bought the Mt. Midoriyama bed frame, I was able to store everything in the closet under the bed!)

The USPS Is Set to Hike Stamp Prices. You Should Buy Stamps Now  (I am SO SICK OF THIS SH*T with USPS!!  When did multiple price hikes over one year become the norm when the service gets worse and worse?!  At least twice I've sent and received cards arriving A MONTH after they were sent!)

A little side note.  You know, what has been so interesting about this grief ride?  How truly uncomfortable people are when you're honest about your feelings outside of what society deems a normal amount of time to grieve out loud.  I posted something similar on personal social media that I did here on her birthday (thank you SO MUCH to those who responded or reached out!) and it just makes me shake my head the people who still pep talk you when you specifically say don't give me one.  Or the people who have posted on their own pages AFTER you did who refuse to even click an emoji in support if they don't know what to say or more importantly, don't agree with what you said because it might've been a little raw for their tastes.  I'm lucky.  I have a few close friends who checked in on me and the Mr and I talked about stuff on the day as well so it's not like I didn't have people who didn't check in or send me flowers but as you will unfortunately find out one day, people want your grief all folded up and put in the closet to be visited in private and never spoke of again.  Eff that.  I'm still going through my "firsts" and if you don't like it, piss off.  And guess what, just because you get through the 'firsts' doesn't mean magically you're cured of your grief.  So high five to my "loud grievers" who still have the courage to stand up months, years and decades later and say 'THIS STILL HURTS!'  


A friend is in town so we'll get together for lunch while she's here.  It's supposed to be hotter than Satan's taint.  BLECK!  Hopefully we're out earlier before the misery truly sets in.  Then after that, staying in the AC until November.

Anything planned for the weekend?

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  1. We've come to the point where a person who disagrees can't save face enough to even just click a little heart emoji on a post out of their own disagreement. What a stellar society social media has turned us into. But rant over. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Word!! People still continue to amaze for all the wrong reasons. 🙄

  3. Girl, you had a week! I hope this weekend is much better than your week was and you and your friend enjoy a wonderful lunch and catching up!
    The usual going on here. Just got back from laser treatment for the pooch, so now I'm on to work then grocery shopping. Little girl was up all night with diarrhea so neither one of us has slept yet. She is now happily snoozing after her stressful trip in the car. =o)
    Try to stay cool in the hot temps!!


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