Monday, June 10, 2024

A New Beginning Weekend Recap


It's Monday again.  How'd that happen?!  It was a good weekend though bittersweet.  We went to my cousin's wedding and Mom's absence was definitely felt.  The flowers she bought were used, she was with the bride when she got her wedding dress, a heavenly tribute table to those who weren't able to be there had a picture of her on it and we got signs on the way that she and grandma were driving with us.  This was the flower girl at our wedding and it's always been a family joke that she's actually the Mr and I's daughter that we gave to them to raise because her mannerisms are me to a tee.  I must say we lucked out with a beautiful day that didn't even hit 80!  Flop sweat doth not become me when I am forced to wear thigh high compression stockings that if I moved the wrong way could have me looking like Vicki Lawrence's version of Mama from Mama's Family and a shapewear slip.  I got a dress that I thought might look flattering but I don't feel like it was once I saw pics.  Ahh, the perils of trying to find a plus size dress that doesn't look like you belted a parachute around you.  Speaking of, is airing your poonchata a trend now because I feel like I know several guests gynecologically now or as my grandpa's wife said "oh, there's another hoochie mama."  😂  

The bride looked stunning, the groom's vows made everyone cry and we made sure to capture some of the big moments on video because they chose not to have a videographer due to cost.  We both thought that was a mistake because we know there was so much we wouldn't have remembered if not for our video.  We wanted to gift it to her but holy shit have you priced those people?!  So we made sure to get their first dance, toasts, parents dances, cake cutting, the getaway car and some moments on the dance floor.  We'll edit them together along with pics we took as well as any we may get access to into a video for them so they have something.

I must thank the universe and a parent that pays attention that we were sat with people we could have a good time with.  Not that we could hear each other but still.  (The music and acoustics made for a lot of people going outside to talk or a lot of screaming and my throat is sore 6 hours later.)  I have zero desire to ever speak to my grandma's husband again after everything he did to her and the way the skank he let come in and destroy grandma's stuff... nope.  Mind you, I would not have made a scene but we didn't go out of our way to go to see him nor did he for us.  His back was to us the whole time so it worked out.  A drunk family member whose last encounter was not good that was supposed to be at our table thankfully was not able to attend.  While I'm sorry it was for health reasons, I also didn't miss not having to dodge hands and I'm sure the Mr was happy because he would've had to attempt small talk with someone he has zero in common with.  I felt bad for the Mr because my grandpa's wife was really chewing my ear including about some completely inappropriate things about Mom that I had to set her straight on and it wasn't the time or place for it.  Couldn't escape scot free on that one but it was tolerable compared to the other scenarios we were ruminating over.  We made it to the dance floor a few times because who can stay seated when Thriller and Baby Got Back is blasting?  There was a point where the dancing was basically dead and I asked the Mr to request Mountain Music by Alabama.  He said he looked at him like "whatever.". He played it next and the dance floor was jumping with family again which started the next surge.  You're welcome.  They're a country music couple but I was kicking it back to 80's country that I know would've gotten Mom on the dance floor and I know she was dancing with us.  It was a good time and I'm happy for them to start their new life and hope we can be a part of it.

I was so wired afterward, I didn't get to sleep until 6am the next day.  We're not used to that much stimulation, people, needing to scream to be heard, emotion and everything in between in weeks much less one day.  The Mr picked up a grocery order and then we just kind of laid in bed for a few hours staring at the ceiling.  (Those with low social batteries get it.)    No matter what, we just could not find the energy to do anything really.  We have a tradition of writing what it was like to be a guest at the wedding from both of our perspectives to give the couple an idea of things they missed and hopefully be the first piece of mail addressed to the new name.  That took a long time and before we knew it, it was heading toward 6pm and we needed to get a workout in!!!  CRAP!  

So that pretty much did us in which is sad.  Mom's birthday is tomorrow but I'm sure I'll be distracted since my vulvoscopy got rescheduled to that date.  Thanks?  I just want it over with so I don't have anything else major hanging over me and can start getting some kind of plan together

How was your weekend?

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  1. Great to hear you had a lovely time at the wedding! Sounds like it was beautiful and the bride and groom were so happy. I hope your procedure goes well tomorrow and you can be free of any more of these down the road.
    Weekend was nice. Weather was great, worked hard Friday and half of Saturday on errands and house stuff, then unplugged from the computer and phone for the rest of the weekend and relaxed quite a bit.

  2. The wedding really turned out great and it's a relief to have it behind us and to have good memories. But yeah it really drains the social battery!


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