Monday, June 17, 2024

I Think We Needed That Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a good weekend and didn't baste in your own juices from the heat.  Saturday was the only day it didn't get hot enough to set you ablaze the second you stepped outside so I was glad I insisted on that day to get together with my friend that was in town.  I'll warn you I'm writing this on my phone at 1am and my proofreader is asleep so excuse typos and/or auto corrects I don't catch!

She's been having some mystery health issues lately that have been frustrating because the docs say she's fine.  There's further testing to be done which is two months out.  So maddening.  We were supposed to go to lunch together but she let me know she wasn't feeling well and the smell of food would probably make her feel worse so pick her up after we ate.   We were going to go visit our mom's who are at the same cemetery so we swung by and grabbed some flowers for her mom (mine has some already) and headed over to get her.  It was nice to see her and we visited her mom first who is inside.  We dropped off her flowers and reminisced.  I've known her for over 35 years so her mom was like my second mom and vice versa.  Definitely not how this was supposed to be at our age.

Then we moved on to my Mom.  I could tell she was nervous.  Mom's stone is bronze with four pictures on it so people passing by can get to know her through those pictures.  She saw it and burst into tears.  She kept saying how beautiful it was and told her story perfectly.  She was expecting a smaller plaque and not a full stone so she was so happy.  

She also knew my grandma so she talked to her too as I cleaned both graves.  She commented on what a shitty 5 years it was as I lost grandma in 2018, she lost her grandpa (basically father) and her mom within three months of each other in 2019 and then Mom 10 months ago.  We both said how much of a daze it feels like and even though we know it happened, it still feels like it didn't.

I mentioned a mutual friend of ours that was murdered at 15 was there also so we walked over to see her while the Mr took the car over.  We talked about her, what a girl crush we both had on her and cried remembering walking past the crime scene after school as she was just discovered.  It was horrible.  I told her any time I think of how crappy life is, she's the first person I think of to remind myself that she didn't even make it to sophomore year.  

After that we decided to drive around our old haunts since we were baking, literally... the Mr has a sunburn on his neck now and we weren't even out there too long.  We drove by our high school which really isn't ours as 75% of it was leveled and rebuilt, took pics and reminisced about boys we had crushes on.  Some swoon worthy and one she liked whom she described as looking like he'd been hit in the face with a skillet.  😂  We drove by the middle school, also demolished and rebuilt which is where it all began for us.  It's so weird when a place like that is completely different.  You take for granted it will all be the same and you can always revisit it.  Nope.  Not a single school post divorce is the original school we went to.  Sigh.  Then we decided to drive to the old mall where we spent so much of our time.  Completely fenced off and waiting to be demolished and everything in that area is a ghost town or a place to make drug deals now.
We were not far from where our wedding reception was so we drove there and then had a big ol therapy session for 45 minutes.  She can be closed off and I think she didn't realize how much we had in common on how our stress physically manifests.  She opened up about things she never told me about her family's divorce and I told her to stop trying to "not bother people" because I do it too and it's lonely.  Lots of tears with both of us and honestly, that's the good stuff.  I will take a "deep" conversation with horrifying stories and tears over surface BS with awkward pauses and filler because you're not connecting.  She had somewhere to be so we took her back and had a nice visit.  It might sound too emotional for some but it was what we both needed.

Sunday the Mr was supposed to take the new car to the other side of town for warranty work and it crapped the bed to say the least.  He didn't get anything fixed and now has to deal with phase two of telling the company it's time for the next step... whatever that is.  Maybe not have an 89 year old man with stacks of papers not in order 8" tall on his desk as your go to man?  He came back and changed the oil in the car and we took it to be recycled then drove around the country while it's still country.  We just needed to be out of the house.  We got a late start on Tae Bo but it's the last time he'll get to do that for a while since he starts more leg treatments today.  I think the doctor we're seeing, while nice, might not be able to find her ass with a GPS.  She told him he could do regular arm strength training immediately and just don't do squats for a week.  Well, he followed that and some of his veins opened back up.  I looked online and you're not supposed to do ANY strength including arms for minimum two weeks to stop the push of flooding blood that happens or it can, you guessed it, reopen the veins.  Apparently you're supposed to do compression ideally for two weeks.  I was told one day since my veins weren't as large as his.  I swear to God if anything has reopened, I will lose my shizz on this woman.  She never even gave me post op instructions like she did for him.  I just want us both to be done with this ASAP.  

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was quite the weekend. For the first time in a long time we had stuff the past two weekends keeping us busy and it was a nice change of pace but I have to admit the homebody in me is looking forward to a regular old weekend of doing "notsomuch". I am glad you girls had the chance to reminisce and enjoy each other's company as well as have some of the deep conversation that is necessary for any friendship to thrive.

  2. That sounds like an awesome weekend! So happy you two were able to get together and have that bonding time and could get into the deep conversations that can lift you up and make you feel understood.
    Weekend was good over here. Busy, but fruitful. Had a lot of rain, but the strong winds dried things up pretty quickly so what needed to be done outdoors was still manageable. I recorded the Olympic swimming trials and enjoyed watching that last night when the hubs and pooch were asleep and I had my "decompress for the evening" time.


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