Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Hobbletown: Population One Weekend Recap

What day is it?  I swear I've been in a time warp the past five days.  

Friday I thanked June me for putting the dry ingredients of four cookie recipes in mason jars as that cut down on my standing time and made pulling the doughs together much easier.  So I was at least able to do that getting ready for the weekend.  Landmine central is still in full effect over here.  Gleefully singing Hall and Oates until the lyrics sink in:

She's gone, she's gone
Oh I, oh I
I better learn how to face it
She's gone, she's gone
Oh I, oh I
I'd pay the devil to replace her
She's gone, and she's gone
Oh why, what went wroooong?

Oh good... song #437 that hits different.

Or watching our perennial favorite Home Alone.   

"You'd be pretty sad if you woke up tomorrow and didn't have a family ". 
 "No I wouldn't." 
Me sobbing:  YES YOU WOOOULD!!!!!


Saturday was pickup and errand day which fully drained the Mr and reminds us why we don't go out.  There was a fun story from that though.  There was a nice minute of satisfaction when he went into World Market for a pickup and he asked some rando sitting on his ass where he goes for pickup and the guy said "end of the line." The Mr came out and said the line was huge and check in on curbside.  We had just enough time to move to the curbside space and the same guy comes out with our stuff.   Oh, hello again senor douche.


Sunday was the day I knew would physically break me: cookie baking day.  Without fail, every year standing on my feet whether barefoot, in shoes, in orthopedic slippers, with or without a fancy pants new gel pad to stand on, I am never able to stand the next day.  This year I was already in bad shape so it was extra fun.  I got stuff baked for my people and boxed up.  

I bake like a 4 year old left unattended

I don't know what the issue was this year but between either using all purpose einkorn flour, the organic light brown sugar from Whole Foods which had a very loose texture and wouldn't pack and/or butter that may have been over 65 degrees, everything was flat.  The taste is still there but I was trying to use all organic for my friend's husband who is starting treatment and it all shit the bed.  I threw up my hands and declared it good enough for this year and I will have organic AP flour and the domino brown sugar I can depend on for future cookie baking.  Sorry I ruined Christmas.  🥴

That night after going up to bed rot and have a few of the sugar frisbees aka-cookies, Mom's sib called and we chatted for two hours.  I can't remember if I told you but I got them a potholder with Mom's pic from previous cookie baking and her handwritten peanut butter balls recipe so she was there in spirit the day they baked too.  (I highly recommend The Printed Gift for the tea towels.  They're super high quality)  It sucked because when I was done stuffing the Choco Rolo cookies, I always put the 8 or so left in Mom's stocking and I just stared at them then started crying.  The poor Mr had to do a lot of hugging last weekend.

He sent my friend's box out Monday morning and that night we dropped off the other half of the cookies to my other boo who lives for that drop and he didn't think I was doing cookies this year.  While it is exhausting, I know it brings others happiness and Mom always loved them so her spirit was pushing me.  We looked at some Christmas lights nearby but it wasn't very dark so I don't know we saw everyone all lit up.  After that, the Mr got some scratchers from Mom as she always put them in our stockings.  We found a decent savings APR and the last SSA check I got as a survivor will generate enough interest at the end of every year that the Mr and I will be able to buy each other gifts from her that equals about what she spent and include stocking stuffers.  Most certainly NOT what either of us want but I think she would be really happy we're doing that.  It's a way to keep her with us every Christmas Eve and it's truly from her.  

I had to keep everything simple food prep wise because I'm pretty useless so grilled cheese and soup it was.  Not the healthiest but healthy requires standing and that ain't happening.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I know Mom would love what you're doing to keep her in our Christmas traditions. I love it too. Of course It goes without saying it's is not the way we want her to be a part of our tradition.

    1. Yes she would. I know she's tickled and we're doing what she would want. I know that because when she had surgery back in 99, she told grandma if she died during surgery to make sure she still bought us socks and undies from her for Christmas. <3

  2. I just couldn't get in the baking mood this year. I will be baking one sheet of pumpkin bars for our work food day. Usually I make a ton of cookies just like my mom always. This weekend was quiet. Next will be too. At least I get a 3 day weekend.

    1. You are certainly not alone. I've heard many say they're not into baking this year. Do they still do cookie swaps or is that a thing of the past? I think a lot of people would be into that if it meant they only had to bake one kind of cookie. (1/4 cup of flour to a tube of sugar cookie is a good cheat to fake homemade! HA!)
      Enjoy your three day weekend.


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