Friday, December 22, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #51

Happy Friday and here we are at the last Friday before Christmas.  🎄 The Mr and I feel like we blink and a month has gone by.  That might have something to do with being locked in the house all month.  We have done ZERO holiday stuff and while I had the intention, it just didn't happen.  Throwing in the BS with my legs and not being able to stand or bear weight has made it that much worse, though I know I don't need to stand to see Christmas lights.  My marathon cookie baking is usually the thing that cripples me so throwing that on top of legs that don't work was interesting but that's the one thing the Mr always looks forward to the most.  I do too when it's done, it's just getting there that I wish I could've wiggled my nose and poof, especially this year.   I will say thank you June me for getting 80% of the dry ingredients in mason jars because that did help quite a bit and I MUST make that my new tradition.  

Digging into and massaging my legs seems to be my only form of tolerable exercise these days since I attempted a light WATP and was immediately reprimanded.  I'll give it another two weeks or so and if I can't get these muscles to fall into place then a call to a dry needler may be in order. 🙄

Now let's fall into:

Inside long COVID’s war on the body: Researchers are trying to find out whether the virus has the potential to cause cancer  (I know no one wants to hear it anymore but...  I've got a family member severely affected by this who can't taste or smell 3 years later as well as frightening brain fog.  Cancer would not be remotely surprising to anyone who still keeps up on this.)

A 7-Day Blue Zones Diet Meal Plan to Help Promote Longevity  (Time to gear up for holiday detox time.  Stock up on your whole grains and toot nuggets.)

3 Things to Do After an Incredibly Draining Family Visit  (Even if you adore your relatives, it can all be a lot.  Time to curl up under a blankie, sip a cuppa and watch The Holiday.)

Soon you’ll be able to safely microwave Cup of Noodles.  You weren’t doing that, right?  (It's been eons since I had that but what's the friggin point of the cup?!?  You're not going to dirty a bowl then dump it back into the package!!)

8 Ways to Spend Your FSA Funds Before You Lose Them (In case anyone's got money left...I know we don't!)

End-Of-Life Workers Are Sharing The Major Things We Get Wrong About Death  (This has very good and accurate information since many studies show people hold on for one last holiday which is only why I'm sharing it.  It does a good job explaining what you may be seeing if you're sending your loved one home this holiday season.  However, IT IS VERY TRIGGERING if you've witnessed a loved one pass in front of you!  I would not read this unless you want to know what to expect, not what you've already witnessed with the death of a loved one.)

23andMe just updated its ‘dispute resolution’ rules as fallout from a serious data breach continues  (FYI- for anyone who has ever done it.  It shouldn't surprise you I do not trust giving companies your DNA because in my brain they peel off the faux building to reveal Skynet!  LOL)  

For those who grew up on the Natalie Wood version of Miracle on 34th Street  (Even though I didn't, consider the cockles warmed.  So glad he was finally found and given a proper resting place!)

Yes, Virginia: A New Yorker’s Lifelong Faith in the Spirit of Christmas  (Still a lovely response and should be repeated through the ages.)

Woman Enters MRI Machine With a Gun, Gets Shot in Butt  (Courtesy of the Mr.  You'll shoot your eye butt out, kid.)

We've got a butt load of Christmas movies to cram in since watching old murder trials and The Dead Zone have taken precedence around here the past month because we're jolly like that this year.  😆  
I feel so drained every day and all of these little things that continue to pop up on top of the holiday crap.  Can I just say, I get it now why people give up on the holidays when it's just two people?  I know this year is a crappy exception to others but I think if you're a woman, it just gets beat out of you with age if you don't have young grandkids.  I hope its not always that way but yeah.  

What are you doing this holiday weekend?  Anything to still get done before the madness ensues?

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  1. It has truly been the weirdest Christmas season I can remember, and I know all the reasons why but it's still hard to process it all too. We're just doing what we can and that is fine. I do appreciate you making the cookies in spite of the struggles, and I am glad you found that doing the dry mixes ahead of time was the time saver you thought it would be. I hope everyone out there has a Merry Christmas and finds their own way to enjoy it whatever the circumstances might be for them.

    1. It has and the house looks like a bomb went off so that's always a festive atmosphere. I can't even compute all I have to do today and tomorrow and if you want rumaki you'd better get to thawing! 😆

  2. Some very good articles going on in here! I'm ready for the holidays to be over , just feeling eh. My husband and I had to put our 12 year old husky to sleep yesterday, i'm just a mess trying to keep it together, the house is so quiet now, we actually opened our christmas presents to each other last night just for a distraction. I hope you two have a good christmas without to many tears. Enjoy being together, every day counts.

    1. I'm so sorry Kat! Our pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone and hurts just as much when they have to go. Do what you need to for distractions if you need them. ❤️

  3. I totally get why you are drained at this time of year. On top of everything you've been through the past six months, which alone would be a wrecking ball by itself, but the holidays are work, man. You look at a stack of things to wrap or some cookie dough to make cookies, and it doesn't seem overwhelming...until you start doing it! I never, ever estimate times correctly on how long something is going to take. I'll think 20 minutes seems reasonable, and next thing I know it's an hour and a half! So, between, the pantry nightmare, massive baking project, trying to get up the oomph to decorate, having a body that is in protest 100% of every minute of the day, making those tasks a thousand times worse, that's a whole lot of stress. And on top of all of that-- and the most vital part of all-- is you're doing all this with a crushed, grieving heart. It's no wonder you are drained beyond words and just want it to be over. Adulthood is where the veneer comes off the holidays. As kids there is an innocence to the season because we weren't aware of all the work that goes into it. Baking cookies was a cause for merriment as a kid because someone was going to going to sneak some extra frosting in the process. Decorating was a time of excitement (and knowing there was time off of school for Christmas break). As an adult, it's a laundry list of chores...and laundry. I hope you can get those pockets of relief with working on all those tight muscles throughout the weekend. Enough to help you get through the tasks you need to complete. Sending you lots of love and big, big hugs. xoxoxoxoxo

    P.S. -- I am so sorry to Kat for having to say goodbye to her precious dog. Having recently gone through that myself, it still makes to cry to this day. My heart goes out to her.

    1. Yep, that about sums it all up! 😂 I just bought a floor bike which unfortunately won't be here until Thursday but when your body made the change from frumpy to busted can of biscuits and there's no relief in site, something has to be done. I really did not need that on top of everything else because our walks was the one thing I looked forward to and could control and life went all Glinda on me AGAIN and was like "you have no power gone before someone drops a house on you too!" Honestly, I don't even rule that out anymore! I hope you have a good weekend my friend. I know it will be the last normal one for a while.

  4. A quiet 3 day weekend for us. I could relate to the point understanding why people give up on the holidays when it's just two people. That is us. My husband always puts up lights outside & the tree inside. It is important to him. I will be making a nice meal for him but since we lost my Dad & Mom we just don't celebrate like we used to.

    1. I never thought I'd feel that way (and I hope I don't always) but I understand it now. That's nice that you're able to have lights on outside and your tree to enjoy. I'm sorry you are at that point as well but hope you're able to find joyful, peaceful moments this weekend. Merry Christmas


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