Friday, August 25, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #34

Howzit y'all and I hope you've got your sassy pants on because it's Friday!  *tries to twerk - throws out back - sits down with a heating pad*  Can you believe it's the last Friday of August??  I mean I know why my summer is gone but does it seem like that way to everyone else?  Kids were back to school here for like ten days already!  What rat bastard did that?!  This date was always when we started school.  I'd pack up my chisel and rock and start my hieroglyphics for the year whilst evading pterodactyls.

Now let's stop evading:

How Bad Is It Really to Skip Protein After a Workout?  (Kind of throws in the face of everything we've been taught eh?)

3 Must-Have Tips For Kidney Health, From An Internal Medicine Doctor   (Good to know.  You don't think about your kidneys until there are problems.)

8 Simple Ways to Fit Stretching Into Your Day  (I need to do this for sure.  I'm a tight, hobbly mess!)

The Truth About How Your Diet Affects Your Cholesterol (I really need to do my doctor recommended old lady Metamucil but I also don't like that there's aspartame in it. Has anyone tried psyllium husk pills for their cholesterol with success and if so, what kind?)

How to Stop Being So Mean to Yourself (If I thought it was bad before Mom died, this is a whole new level.)

How to (actually) talk to kids (I SOOOO suck at this.  I do the stupid adult thing and revert back to school which immediately puts you in the "lame, out of touch old fart" category.)

PB&J: An American Love Story  (One of my faves.  I live on peanut butter in some form.)

Are Online Banks Safe?  (Good info to know especially since some give better rates than the bigger brick and mortars!)

Today is Mom's final service.  She's been having dinner with us every night for two weeks.  I asked the Mr if he was weirded out but he said no and we both say Hi to her or pat the urn.  I like to think of it as infusing our love to take with her.  I've got smaller ones too that I'll share in a post.  This is our first cremation so lots of new things to learn but most of it was covered from watching Six Feet Under which we're getting ready to watch again.  We watched during grandma's funeral days and the Fisher family brings an odd comfort with them.  I've got to pick up her urn flower arrangement, remember to bring scissors in case some filler needs cut out of the way when placed, paper for messages from those in attendance to go with her, pens, pictures, memorabilia and tissues.  Sorry, had to write that out as a reminder to myself!  Then I need to put the wine on the counter back into the fridge, put one of her T-shirts over her pillow and scream into it.  So that will be the sonic boom you hear tonight signaling the pulling out a chair for grief to take a permanent spot at the table.  Yay. 😑

What's on tap for your weekend?  

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  1. It's crazy how fast August is flying by and to see school busses around already. It will be time to break out the six feet under DVDs soon since they do have a weird calming effect and every time we rewatch them we learn new things which is never a bad thing.

  2. I'll be thinking of you guys and sending you all my love and hugs. I'm so glad you have kept back some of her ashes. You'll continue to pat her at dinner or at bedtime, or whenever you need. xoxo
    I have my colonoscopy today in the early afternoon. I'm working my usual half day, but am starting an hour earlier because we need to be at the hospital a wee bit earlier than they first said. Then it's the usual stuff for the weekend, between work and errands. Already got the laundry done yesterday, so I'm grateful for that.


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