Friday, August 18, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #33

Hip hip hooray, it's finally friggin' Friday!  I hope you've had a good week and have something you've been looking forward to on tap!  It's been a week of digital clean up of Mom's email, calling proper agencies and going through some physical paperwork.  (My Lord, there was not a thing she didn't sign up for by email.  That much spam would've driven me straight up a wall!)  There's so much I need to do but just zero energy to do it.  Or I think I'm making progress and I look around and it's like "nope, still looks like a shitshow in here!"  Let's not kid ourselves, I didn't need the death of my mom to have the place look like that but there's just some 'extra's' taking up space that need dealt with.  I mean most people keep full sized memory boards just hanging around, right?  

Now let's hang onto:

13 Recipes for Hearty, Meal-Worthy Salads  (I'll try to get these in before my palate flips to fall.)

6 Foods High in Lecithin That Support Brain and Liver Health (You never realize how important the liver is until it's too late.)

At 101 years old, I’m the ‘world’s oldest practicing doctor’: My No. 1 rule for keeping your brain sharp. (Seem pretty doable to me! I might take one out because living to 101 sounds exhausting. Just ask my great grandma.)

Therapy is health care. So why won’t your health insurance pay for it?  (I'll be delving into that search in the next few months.  Insurance should include ALL therapists because what if you don't jibe with your in network people??)

3 Ways to Manage Panic Attacks (One of mom's friends got her a word find she never got to use.  I'll keep that by the couch because Lord knows some doozies have come on.)

Growing Through Grief  (I so wish I had the space for a big garden or flowers.  I do want to plan a memorial garden for mom out front.  I suppose I should get to picking out what to plant bulb wise soon, huh?)

All you need to know to start skipping stones like a pro  (It always makes my heart and love swell to see the Mr do this whenever we're near water.)

New Trader Joe's Products You Won't Want to Miss  (I'm thinking 1,2,9 and 12 are on my list if we can get there in time before the Fall turnover to pumpkin everything.)

Today is a 'fun filled' afternoon appointment at the cemetery to get things rolling for her internment ceremony.  I seriously do NOT want to deal with this schmuck again but it's unavoidable.  It's like dealing with a skeezy used car salesman from the 70's.  😒  Thankfully everything is paid for so there should be no tomfoolery on that end but still, not quite how one wants to bring in the weekend.  I hope we find some shenanigans to get into.  I need some shenanigans.

How about you?  You gots shenanigans??  Spill your weekend plans below!

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  1. Will be nice to be done with the schmucks in the industry that we seem to be stuck with during this process. Have a good weekend everyone!

  2. I hope all goes well at the cemetery and you can get out of there with no annoying issues. Hopefully they are kind and decent this time! Grrrr...

    Typical weekend of working for work and home chores and an errand or two. I hope you do get into some shenanigans this weekend! xoxo


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