Monday, October 31, 2022

Sofa City Sweetheart Weekend Recap


I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Halloween to you.  Doesn't mean anything in these parts since they don't seem to trick or treat around here anymore so if you get lil goblins on your door, enjoy them for those of us who don't get any.

We worked on the "two steps forward forty steps back" project last week and this weekend- aka bedroom remodel.

On Wednesday, we installed our drywall for the bottom half of the wall project and did our own soundproofing with Green Glue.  

It was a massive pain in the butt working with 1/4" drywall as it doesn't cut well and is fragile to work with.  I will say we've already noticed a major difference as far as sound dampening so we're keeping our fingers crossed with full on results.  It takes 30-45 days for it to completely cure to it's maximum soundproofing potential but my Lord the fumes coming off of that stuff was horrible.  Given I'm very sensitive to smells, that meant 


I was hoping by the weekend it would dissipate but no such luck and there is definitely no sleep going on when I have to bunk on the couch.  It's that kind of sleep that you swear you didn't get any but you know you weren't awake for a full 8 hours.

We had a huge list of stuff we wanted to get done and all seemed well on it's way to being a very productive weekend.  Let's just say the initial mud and taping didn't go as planned so we had to backtrack and start over.  As that was happening, I noticed that the grout I thought I was done with looked like a giant turd and I would be spending the weekend fighting with it.

The only thing on our original list that actually got done was the taping/mudding and priming.

It's an utter show de la shite over here.

In between real life horror shows, we got in some horror movies to round out schpooky season.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Happy Hallloween! I am glad we managed to get our horror movie watching in despite DIY projects. Those pics are horrific actually but we managed to get a halfway decent wall up if you ask me, lol.

  2. Happy Halloween! Renovations are my nightmare, never smooth going!

  3. Real life horror shows, indeed! That was a naked-stuck-in-a-room-with-a-porcupine kind of weekend you had. I was thrilled to read that you are already noticing a difference in sound with your wall though. THAT is very encouraging considering you still have another month+ of curing to go. I can't wait to hear how it sounds (or doesn't sound!) in another month.
    Weekend was good with half work and half rest and house stuff. This morning I lugged 6 bins/bags of books and 1 big box of decorative plates in the basement then set off on two trips back and forth from the storage unit with dresser drawers, boxes, and folding table and chairs. Twenty-four times up and down the stairs and I called it quits (or should say my knees did). I took a shower and aside from blinking and answering the door with candy in my hands (only one of those is liking to happen), I'm done for the day. Tomorrow I'll work on hauling more stuff downstairs.
    Happy Halloweenie!!


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