Monday, June 28, 2021

New Walkin' Grounds

Summertime walking isn't typically our thing because no one wants to walk out into a wall of humidity and hoobastank less than we do.  Occasionally, summer throws you a bone of a slightly less circle of hell day and you want to get out and enjoy it.  Given our run in almost 2 weeks ago with the neighborhood psycho that has us questioning our safety (and looking at a LOT of houses over a 10 day period), walking out our front door for a convenient stroll around the hood is no longer an option.  Honestly, the day before that incident, I almost told the Mr I was done walking the hood anyway.  Cars were not moving over despite us getting as close to the curb as we could.  We have a park near our home but it is not the most conducive to a leisurely stroll because...people.   So we had to move our walks to a place that still had a lot of people but there was no possibility of them bothering us...


Walking cemeteries is nothing new to us.  We've walked both grandparents cemeteries on occasion but these were going to have to be our destination now for uninterrupted walking time.  I know, some people may be creeped out by it but I've always loved looking at old headstones from the 1800's when I can find them or seeing what people picked out to represent their lives.  This one cemetery a few miles from our place has some great head stones ranging from funny...

to inspirational...

to WTF...

Sometimes we just walk in silence looking at the clouds.

It's not as convenient as stepping outside our door especially since there seems to be orange barrels between here and anywhere we want to go but it's peaceful and right now, that's what we need.

Where do you like to walk?

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  1. It has been nice to walk without having to dodge cars nearly constantly on certain stretches of road. Also cool to see the senses of humor and the freedom of expression on the gravestones that people have.

  2. This sounds more peaceful than trying to convince cars that you are also allowed to walk on the road. Those are quite the unique headstones in that cemetery!!

  3. Cool headstones! I walk puppers on the same route everyday. My hood is quiet and nobody is usually out.
    Have a great week!

  4. There's two places that I like to go. One is a a walking path with a big lake in the middle of it with lots of gazebos around the park to sit and enjoy the scenery. There's hills there and different ways to walk so you get a different view when you feel like it. Then there's a place that has a lovely walking path in a natural setting along with a Vietnam War Honor Wall that's really beautiful. There is also a wonderful museum with historical artifacts, pictures, etc (where the sock money originated) and a Victorian village that is really something to behold.

  5. I walk the trail system, converted from old rail line beds, next to my house or the streets of my village. Pedestrians have the right of way in my province, and it is well known by all drivers, so even when there are no sidewalks, drivers are usually very good about giving room to walkers.

    I too love a good walk in a cemetery. Ever since I was a child I have loved exploring them and will often explore them when I am visiting new cities. You can learn a lot about the history of a city's people from its cemeteries.

  6. Cemeteries are beautiful places to walk and some even promote it with events. One of the largest in my area is also an arboretum, has a lawn and a small lake. It's very pretty.

  7. I looove cemetery walking and looking at headstones. I especially love the ones with pictures. So peaceful for sure.

  8. Thank everyone for not making us feel like weirdos for walking cemeteries! :D I'm actually going to look up other ones so we can vary it a bit. Too bad we don't live in Savannah, they have some AMAZING old cemeteries there!


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