Friday, May 21, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #21

Hey there everyone and Happy Friday!  I hope you've had an awesome week and are ready to party hardy this weekend.  Heh...I don't know that I've ever partied hardy.  It's been a long week so I am ready for the weekend.

A quick note about email notifications.  Feedburner is doing away with its email notification which means those of you who get posts delivered to your mailbox, will no longer get them beginning in July.  I've been looking into alternatives and I hope there are some free ones out there because I can't afford to pay a monthly fee for that especially since it appears that about 10 people actually click through emails.  I'll keep you updated on that front but if anyone out there knows anything about this kind of stuff and wants to throw out suggestions in the comments, feel free.  (Don't message me on Facebook because once again, that is a crapshow.)  If you do click through emails, please comment below so I can get a better idea of how many people this will actually affect.

Here's a peek at our eats this week.

Monday was ground turkey fajitas

Workout was Turbo Fire 45 EZ.

Tuesday was Southwest Chicken and Rice.

Workout was LIIFT 4 Back and Bi's.

Wednesday was BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza and broccoli.

Workout was Jessica Smith 5 miles.

Thursday was General Tso's Shrimp with Cauli-rice.

Workout was WATP 3 miles.

Now let's get into...

5 Tips For Speeding Up Digestion — Naturally   (We've been getting in the habit of if we've overindulged to go for a walk and it really helps.)

The Ultimate Home Workout Guide to the 150 Best Moves, Plus 30-Minute Workout Videos  (A great list of moves to make up your own workouts!)

16 Ways to Detox Your Lymphatic System  (Mine needs all the help it can get)

Don’t Like the Way Others Make You Feel?  (Good article, I wish they went a little deeper though)

The Hard Science of Reincarnation  (Really interesting stuff!)

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet  (I feel like if it needs more than two steps I'm still going to ball it up and call it a day.)

55 Memorial Day Recipes That Aren’t Hot Dogs and Watermelon  (Some good looking options right here!)

Watch "Baby Skunk Does The Cutest Stomps  (OMG, SOOOO sweet!  Watch that butt lil buddy.)

I think we might start thinking about getting the patio in some kind of order.  I'm sure everyone else has the same idea.  No nursery visits for flowers until mid-week if the mood strikes.

What's the plan for you this weekend?

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  1. I click through emails or just read your post in my email, as the fully body of the post is received through the email.

  2. I will switch to using a bookmark

  3. I use the email, but I also have your blog saved to my favorites, so I can always pull it from there.

    Been a busy week, and just the usual work/house stuff this weekend. Not looking forward to the 90 degree days with humidity though. Too soon for that!


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