Friday, May 14, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #20

Hello all!  Another Friday is upon us and we're halfway through May already.  It's been a pretty relaxing week in our parts which is a good thing.  

Here's some eats for the week:

Monday was sweet potato curry lentil with lime rice.

Workout was 3 miler around the hood.

Tuesday was Big Azz Salad time with cayenne sweet potato and cosmic crisp apple.

Workout was lower body strength.

Wednesday was Brussels sprout flatbread.

Workout was Powerstrike.

Thursday was apricot glazed orange roughy, TJ's gnocchi and grilled asparagus.

Workout was WATP 3 miles.

Now it's time to jump into...

5 Tips for Easing Into Post-COVID Life When the Time Comes  (Don't let anyone force you into jumping back in until you're ready.)

Is Texture The New Taste? Why Mouthfeel Matters Right Now + Expert Cooking Tips  (Some things I can't eat because they feel gross in my mouth.  IE- Tomatoes.  RETCH)

The 10 Best Hamstring Stretches to Relieve Tightness (Because You Feel Like You’re About to Snap)

5 National Parks Offering Virtual Tours You Can Take From the Comfort of Home  (Awesome!  We've been in Nahuku (Thurston) Lava Tube many times.)

You’ve Been Putting Garbage Bags in the Wrong Way—Here’s How  (They will truly make a video about anything.)

Tiny Puppy Shares An Adorable Moment With A Very Friendly Butterfly  (Adorable but also one playful bite from disaster!)

We're going to see what kind of tomfoolery we can get into this weekend.  I haven't had a bout of true tomfoolery in a while so we're due.  I hope you are too!

Weekend plans?

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  1. I've been cleaning out the office and have two bags of papers to use as kindling in the chiminea. Today I can move on to the other stuff to clear it out. We have a guy coming next week to redo our computer set up so now he'll have nice, clear space. lol The rest of the weekend is the usual house stuff and working. Temps start going up into the mid to upper 80s for the next ten days, which is too soon for me in May. Have a great weekend!


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