Monday, September 16, 2019

Scope Creep Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you had a good weekend full of fun and mischief.

First off, the Mr. passed his test!!

Thanks to all of you who sent good vibes! 

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I had this grand idea that while he was off taking his test, I would lay the foam flooring and surprise him.  The surprise was on me because I laid two rows and then went to remove the old foam tiles we put down with double stick mounting tape.  When I was finally able to wrestle one halfway up, it took concrete with it!


Yeah, so that was a fun Saturday surprise.  I got most of his off and scraped until I had three blisters with a bonus callous from cutting the foam.  Then he got home with lunch so we did that and I showed him what I'd done and said he could do the other one.  He quickly learned how I spent the morning and why I was in such agony.  The sheer amount of force it took to get the adhesive leftover was just jarring to the whole body.

As he would finish some of it, I would clean the floor and install the next rows of flooring.  When we got to the natural stopping point, it was glaringly obvious that we couldn't leave the rest of the floor the way it was with our new floor installed.  It was 20-year-old paint and chipped, not too much different looking than above and it would suck to look over at that whilst standing on our new space.   The Mr laughed and informed me this was something called "scope creep."  Scope creep is defined by Wikipedia as "Scope creep (also called kitchen sink syndrome) in project management refers to changes, continuous or uncontrolled growth in a project’s scope, at any point after the project begins.  This can occur when the scope of a project is not properly defined, documented, or controlled. It is generally considered harmful."  I literally cracked up laughing at the last line.  We are in full scope creep.


Now we had to figure out how we were going to fix the other side.  Paint?  Order more foam flooring?  Peel and stick tiles?   I didn't want to paint it because I'm so done with painting right now and I know it eventually chips like what we were dealing with.  I went to extend the flooring over and while I like the way it looked, we have two saddle stools on the way for the craft table and they would puncture the flooring or at least seriously dent it in a few places.  I had no desire to deal with that.  So some kind of linoleum it was going to have to be.  I searched all night and picked something that I'm likely to regret but is our best option right now for the price.  If we had a budget to begin with, we're like double what I was figuring.


Sunday we went out to lunch with my mom for our birthdays.  It was a nice time and good to get out of the house.  The Mr rewarded himself for passing his test with finally watching Stranger Things since he knew getting involved earlier would detract from his studying so he wrapped that up last night.  That was about it for us this weekend!

What did you guys get into?

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  1. Thanks for the good vibes everyone! After spending the summer basically studying every day it has been nice to enjoy what was left of the weekend to not have to look at any related material for a change.

    While I have heard the term scope creep often in my line of work, I have never actually looked up the full definition. That is hilarious!

  2. Congratulations to both of you on the test! We had the cousins over Saturday through Sunday afternoon. We went to Woodstock and I thought of you as we wandered around the Farmers Market. Had a light lunch there and came home and visited and visited and visited since it's been three years since we've been together. because of the late lunch we ended up eating dinner at 9 a clock, had a bonfire with smores, then played games until 230 am.They left by 2pm and we literally laid around all day. Still feeling the effects this morning. It's been decided that this will be in an annual event and I'm excited about that. Have a great week!

  3. Scope creep is a real thing, and it's why I dread starting any household project. As long as I'm doing X I may as well do Y and since I'm spending that much I may as well take care of Z at the same time. I'm glad you found tile you can at least live with and you're one step closer to done.

    Congrats to your Mister!

    I did grading and cleaning as usual. For added fun and games the exterminator came out yesterday. I found out last weekend I have an infestation of carpenter ants (insert flamethrower GIF here). He was out on Monday to check it out, but wasn't going to be able to come back until the end of this week. He called Saturday and asked if he could come Sunday instead. Ummm, yes please. Come kill those suckers dead! So that was fun.

  4. I've never heard of scope creep but it makes total sense! My gosh, it sounds like almost every project I start. I get so easily sidetracked and what should have taken a hour has now become four because I keep adding to it.


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