Monday, September 30, 2019

Fall Bucket List and Roadside Weekend Round Up

Good Monday morning, everyone.  I hope you had a good weekend!  It's the last day of September.  Unreal.

Friday night, I mentioned possibly road-tripping out of state the next day, but the weather wasn't going to cooperate.  I was in the mood to find some apple cider donuts.  I know I've had them at some point in my life but finding any that match up to my memory is near impossible.  We found this orchard that got rave reviews about an hour away, so we decided to go there for breakfast.  We started laughing when we realized it was a place we stopped last month on the way home from our marriage retreat that we weren't impressed with.  We did say we should probably come back in season and it was in season, so it wasn't a waste, I guess.

It's so hard to find glazed cider donuts over the sugar-coated ones.  While the apple donuts were good, we both agreed it was because they were warm over them having any real flavor and I certainly wouldn't have said apple if I was blindfolded.  We had the same issue with a place in Vermont that is in Stowe Waterbury who claims to have "legendary" apple cider donuts, so we always get a few of those.  We take them to the cabin, and I make a glaze with powdered sugar and their apple cider, and THEN they taste like apple cider donuts to us.  So technically we crossed one thing off of our Fall bucket list but not with the flair I'd hoped.

We went to a place in the small nearby town for lunch and for me, at least, it tasted like a small town lunch.  No flavor at all.  The Mr seemed to be happy with his, which is usually the case, so I don't know if my culinary standards are too high or his are too low.  (I'm going to say both.) 

We did have fun watching this pup intently watch each train car go by while we were stopped.

We knew there was this roadside cheese place not too far from there that we'd passed by for 27 years always said "we need to stop there" on road trips and never do.  So the rest of Saturday became about stopping at three of said roadside attractions.  Honestly, all three were disappointing, but it was a fun way to spend the day, especially when you found some stuff that made you smile.

Given the lack of activity on a Saturday, I'd say a few might have their days numbered so it would've been a bummer to finally say we were going to stop only to find an empty building even after decades in business.  We ended up getting stuck in a massive traffic jam on the way home, but we just chatted and listened to the radio and hoped our quarter tank of gas held out.

We swung by a store and grabbed a pick up an online order.  I got two shirts for my mom. I hope she likes them, but I'm not counting them toward her Christmas gifts since she didn't ask for them.  She just mentioned she liked mine when I wore it but lamented they didn't carry her size, but you can order her size online.  I'll put the receipt in there since they have a one-year return policy on their clothes.  I've also been looking for a Fall oriented wall hanging to go behind the couch, but I haven't found anything that strikes my fancy.  I was disappointed that this was the only wall hanging at Home Goods and everything else was wreaths:

(Funny but not what I'm looking for)

We were both pooped pups since driving, and even bad food puts you in a coma, so we napped for about an hour.  He wanted to catch up on some football while I started looking up a few things for some out of town shenanigans next month.

Sunday I got up and got to listen to the Mr playing his Atari emulated games.  I am curious how parents didn't throw Atari's and other gaming systems out the window just from the noise alone.  Yes, I'm aware that I sound 89 years old, and I know that my tolerance level for certain noises is way lower than it used to be when I was 8.  Last week he took to playing them right after workouts while I was making dinner and all of my endorphins flew out the window with each beep.  For now, I'll need to turn on the vent or something to cover the noise while I'm in the kitchen.  😂

I know, just call me Joe Bear from the Tex Avery classic, Rock A Bye Bear.

"Don't like NOISE...caint stand NOISE!"  (source)

Then it was time for brunch, I made a breakfast burrito, toast, and cantaloupe.

We watched CBS Sunday morning and enjoyed some of their features including this great one on Olivia Newton-John.  The Mr got the laundry done and then wanted to stop by Lenscrafters to potentially replace his glasses with a new prescription.  Oh, my Lord.  1)  They're out of network, so they only pay $47 toward the frame and lenses.  2)  The guy who was waiting on us was exactly like Olivier from Six Feet Under (affiliate link) and if you watched that show, you know what an annoying prospect that would've been to spend any time with him.  So we left then headed to pick up some produce and food I'm cooking up for meals for a friend going through some medical issues.  We got home, and I went straight to making her spaghetti she requested, got it in the containers and into the freezer before we headed downstairs for a much needed workout.  Unfortunately, I had a horrible migraine so that was fun.  We rented The Hustle with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson to round out the night.  I really wanted to like it but it was kind of awful.  I'm hoping today is a better day.

How was your weekend?

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  1. We need better Fall choices around us but that seems to be lacking in our particular area. The one place that is near us is jam packed full of people and, honestly, I can't really even tell why. They don't even do their own donuts, they outsource that and it's not good. So you have a parking lot chock full and people everywhere but it's basically just a grocery store. At least in Vermont there are a few places where you can go and they actually have like homemade Fall goodies. /rant over.

  2. Sounds like a nice fall weekend. We went to Iowa for a beautiful family wedding. Also got to wander a fabulous farmers market. The 11 hours of driving motor so much fun.
    Have a great week!

  3. Glad you guys got out and could check some places off your list. The weekend was pretty good. Friday the dogs got baths and grooming while I ran errands. Saturday the hubs worked so I went to my meeting and did the grocery shopping. I was so happy to be done with that and home before 10:30am. I washed sheets and towels and did a bunch of paperwork which took most of the day. It was almost 4pm when the hubs got home and I realized I hadn't watched one minute of television and therefore missed football games. On Sunday I finished all the regular laundry and ran a couple of errands and went through some lists I had. The hubs won't have to work next Saturday because he needed to take a half day for an MD appt on the following Monday so we are going to go out for a birthday/anniversary dinner Sat night which will be fun. Mid 80's today and tomorrow, then 60's the rest of the week! Woot!

  4. Fall? Really? It's predicted to be mid 90s today. I'm still waiting for fall. I do get a taste next weekend though, I'm heading for the hills for some leaf peeping.

    I'm on a 4 day week, but last Friday was one of the required Friday workdays for professional development. Ugh. So I feel gyped out of 1/3 of my weekend.


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