Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hump Day Poll: Summer Wind Down

I know more people are sad about the ending of summer than happy that fall is almost here.  (For some reason people seem to skip fall altogether and start griping about winter to lump it in.  Don't do that, enjoy fall for the separate season it is...winter will be here soon enough.)

The past three years, we've had a house project of some sort going on so our summers have thankfully rocketed by.  The concept of summer road trips sounds nice but then the weekend gets here and it's too hot to be outside or for crowds for anywhere fun so we're holed up in the A/C working on whatever project we've tortured ourselves with for the summer.  I'm pretty sure we'll have a project next year too to help gap from spring to fall.

So we'd like to live vicariously through you...

What fun stuff did you do this summer?

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  1. On top of our project I also have been spending summer studying for a test that I take in 10 days. Talk about the worst ways to spend summer. The kid in me is disappointed that I would waste a perfectly good summer studying for a test, but I really had no choice.

  2. I love summer! This summer was floating in my pool, Cubbie games, walking the dogger, my veggie garden, flower garden, iowa sweetcorn, weekend visitors, road trips to iowa, bike rides, barbeques, weddings, patio lounging, graduation parties, bridal showers, baby showers, I live all the gatherings! I have one more wedding this year, looking forward to fall bonfires, football games and the leaves turning. Thanks for making me look back, it was a great summer!

  3. I feel like I didn't do much, but when I list it out it sounds like a lot more than it really is. A couple overnight get-aways with the kiddo, two long weekends in the mountains, one big trip to South Dakota, deep cleaned/decluttered the house top to bottom, some days at the pool, and lots of lazing around resting and resetting my patience for the new school year.

    I kind of hate fall because it means going back to work. I can love my job, and still dread going back. Once I'm back in the routine though, I can admit to enjoying the cooler weather - but that doesn't really happen here until October or so. It's still in the upper 90s this week, predicted to be 100 today. I am planning an overnight getaway to see the leaves changing in the mountains in early October, so there's that to look forward to.

    Wishing your Mr. good luck on his test.

  4. We didn't do much other than house stuff. The hubs has been working so much that he basically gets up, goes to work, comes home and eats dinner and is in bed within 2 hours of getting home and then starts it all over again six days a week. And I've had a series of medical appointments virtually every week this summer, with more to go next week and several next month. So I've mostly done a lot of cleaning out and getting rid of stuff, which is surprising with just how much time that takes. I did make it a point to get out with friends and do some visiting more than I normally would, so that's helped to break things up a bit.

  5. I feel like I didn't do much but when I start listing things I realize it was pretty packed: took some trips, got a pair or rescue dogs, bought a new car (after 15 yrs). The highlight was spending the first day of summer watching the snow fall in the mountains outside of Denver with my immediate family, including my little niece and nephew. Nothing like welcoming the solstice by making snow men!


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