Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hump Day Poll

We are smack in the middle of apple picking season.  I haven't made anything yet which is tragic as my baking gene has not yet activated and it's basically 4 weeks late.  Maybe soon.

Do you go apple picking?  What's your favorite dish to make with apples?

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  1. I have gone apple picking and I like doing that when it's not too crowded out there. I don't bake but if I did I'd make apple pie because that is the best!

  2. It's definitely orchard time! Can't wait to see your mouth watering pics!
    Happy Fall, I know you love it

  3. I thoroughly enjoy this time of year and am hoping to go to the orchard in the next week or two when it cools down (back in the mid 80's next week). I used to make this amazing apple bundt cake of my mom's that was so delicious! The hubs isn't a big dessert guy, and the cake makes a lot, so this year I decided I'm going to make a fun apple tart with a mix of Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples, and Pinata apples (for a tropical twist).

  4. I sometimes see an ad for a "pick your own" place, but I haven't ever been able to figure out exactly were it is. Maybe this is the year. Mom has an apple tree in her yard so if I'm up there at the right time I will bring a bunch home. I love apple pie, but I love it even more if someone else makes it. My favorite thing to do with apples is to make applesauce. It's easy, a few spices and my crockpot, it make the house smell fantastic, it freezes well, and it tastes amazing.


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