Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Belated Weekend Recap

By the time Sunday evening hit, I had zero interest in hopping online to blog about our weekend.  Not that y'all were waiting with bated breath anyway.  😂

We're in between workout calendars since Joel Freeman and Autumn Calabrese weren't releasing their hybrid calendar until Sunday.  We've been doing a few 80 Day Obsessions last week and I wasn't pleased with the calorie burn because she doesn't have real cardio in her workouts.  We've been used to doing a 20 minute HIIT beforehand that really carries the heart rate into strength training afterward.  Hers is all strength and body weight/band workouts, which is fine but not enough for me, I'm afraid.  So I randomly chose a Power 90 on BOD (Beachbody on Demand) that I thought would be good but that mook just kept going from one yoga thing to the next after the warm-up and I got irritated and flipped over to a Shaun T week workout Ripsanity that I was pretty sure we'd done before.  We got in some compound strength moves and then the moves just got ridiculous and hard to follow and in a rage I switched over to reliable Turbo Fire and we did that.  When Sunday's hybrid did come out, I knew it wasn't for us so I'll need to come up with a calendar this week since random doesn't work well for us and just gets frustrating.

The Mr didn't get his pumpkin cheesecake donut he wanted since KK sucks and always overadvertise and never deliver past two days into their promotions.  They didn't have in their pumpkin spice cake yet either until later in the day but I'm going to give it a week or two so we don't burn out on pumpkin spice in the 2nd week of September.  Saturday was the day of utter BS when it came to getting our blinds replaced.  Between the slats being too wide on one, another being cut like a beaver chewed through it, me trying to fashion our old ones using tin snips and two different major home improvement stores not having blinds in stock, it was an exercise in frustration I'm sure the Mr never wants to repeat.  We did go to second home (HD) and get the wood for the laundry center I wanted to build.  (The Mr chuckled at that line.)   The woodpile was a pathetic mess of mismatched boards.  When we finally got the ones we needed, one 2x12x10 and one 2x12x12, I told the Mr to have them cut them exactly in half while I looked for L brackets.  That should be super simple, right?  Cut the boards in half.  Well, it is if you don't have a moron running the ripper.  While the boards say they were 2x12x12, the measurements are actually 1.5 in. x 11.25 in. x 12 ft.  I'm not thrilled to be losing 3/4" of width I needed for my shelves but the length is actually the same...12 feet.  This should mean two 6' boards, yes?  Yes.  Same with the 10' but two 5' boards.  I got the boards home, sanded and stained and polyed them and then we were ready to get to work on Sunday.

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Sunday, I ordered the stuff we needed to do an IKEA hack I saw online a month ago.  I always tend to take up our only space which is the dining room table and let's just say after doing headers on it, we need a new dining room table.   Then I made brunch and it was time to get to work.  We got some furniture levelers because we knew we'd need them on the bottom of our laundry center since our poured floor is uneven.  What I didn't know we'd need them for is because that rat bastard kid at Home Depot cut BOTH boards off by 3/4".  You know, the ones I need to be the exact same size to be the support of the project?

At this point, I said eff it and we drilled into the bottom, leveled the short one out and moved on.  We picked up our craft table crap and got everything unloaded.  Now I said earlier that the Mr giggled that I said I wanted to build the laundry center because somehow he ended up building it.  I mean I was there with him, bent over and holding stuff so it didn't move and such but he just kind of jumped in and I didn't stop him.  This was after he put up a valiant fight in replacing our dryer vent hose that left him a drenched mess as I was dismantling the 23-year-old wire laundry center we were replacing.  We got as far as we could until we realized that I didn't account for the width of the boards that the old center didn't have.

Back to "second home" we go where we waited for 20 minutes for the only dude with the code to cut lumber.  We measured it so it would be exact...62 3/4" please.  Then back home where we moved the IKEA stuff to the basement so it's at least down there and ready for him to assemble because I don't even know how people read their instructionless instructions and not metaphorically kill someone.  The Mr seems to excel at them so I get all of the screws and dowels in their proper places and hand them to him as needed because I'm a good helper like that.

You can bet your butt we put that new piece of wood on top of the project to make sure it fit properly.   Thankfully, it did.  The poor Mr was doing all of that in addition to taking practice tests.  To reward him for it all, I made a big honkin' turkey burger and baked fries for dinner Sunday night.

Monday morning after he left for work, I sanded the new piece of wood and got it stained and polyed so we could hopefully attach it later that night.   We did attach it but it needs to have some braces on the side for it to be as stable as I'd like.  Off to Amazon I go.

How was your Monday?  

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  1. Wow, you are productive! My Monday was chill, just work and my ww meeting. Resting up after a brutal weekend of digging out my bulging cinder block outside basement stair wall. It had lurched over the years and look terrible. I had to dig about 3 feet down in a 4 foot spot so that I could move the cinder blocks back where they belong. They were so old that I broke one and had to make a trip to Menards. I felt like one bad dude driving into the lumberyard! Although it is not perfect, it is much better than it was and I am pleased with the results. I did not anticipate having such difficulty putting the pavers back down alongside the wall like a jigsaw puzzle. The years of weather on the pavers had made them shorter than replacement ones I put in. That stairwell had bothered me for years and I can't believe I waited so long to do this. Your story reminded me of years ago when we decided to replace our Hollow core doors with 8 panel wood doors. We got a screaming deal at HD and bought all six of them at one time. Of course they sat there for years without getting installed. When we finally went to install them, we realize they were half inch too short and a half inch too narrow. Of course we didn't have the receipt and headed off to the store. After an hour argument with the employees who told us that door sizes were nominal, they finally agreed to take back the discontinued doors. We ended up having to pay a restocking fee of $50 each! I finally installed the last one about 3 years ago. Have a great day

  2. I am glad the blinds situation is behind us because that was seriously a lot more frustrating than it needed to be for something so trivial. Not sure why but I find putting together Ikea furniture to be very relaxing and rewarding. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would build models. Just follow the steps and eventually you get the reward of having accomplished something. I think I know what I will do when I retire!

  3. I don't think I could manage IKEA stuff either. I struggle even with simple box store stuff. I just don't have that gene.

    One of my kids gifted me with a cold last week, so that was fun. Saturday night I thought I was pretty much over it, at least enough to be not contagious, so I went to see IT. Later that night I found out how not over my cold I was. I feel guilty for spreading my germs, but I wasn't coughing or sneezing at the movie so hopefully no-one suffers because of me.

    Back to work yesterday, and it was a long long day culminating with a meeting at the end of it.

    But... for the win of the weekend... I'm infested with carpenter ants. I met the pest control guy at my house on lunch yesterday after texting him a picture and got confirmation. We walked around the house and can't find the nest. No frass anywhere to be found, and without knowing where the nest is he can't be sure to get all of the buggers. Ugh. But to add to the fun and games, there were like a million of them in my dishwasher and he said he's never seen that before with carpenter ants. I looked online, and someone said the insulation of their dishwasher was actually the nest. No idea if that's true or possible, but I'm going to ask him when I talk to him later this morning. I'm ready to burn it down and move (not really, but I hate ants and these suckers are HUGE).

  4. Weekend was good overall. We both had dental appts in the morning on Saturday, then worked on some house stuff and cutting the lawn. Sunday was grocery shopping and some computer stuff. Did my workouts and food planned and that's about it. It's going to be very hot and humid starting today and that's hard on one of the dogs with her allergies. She does go to the vet tomorrow for her annual physical so they'll give me some meds if need be.


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