Friday, March 1, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #9

Happy March everyone!!  For those of you who have been pummelled by winter incessantly, spring rolls in this month.  Aka-mud season.  


We've been keeping up our new to us workouts this week with Beachbody on Demand, the only exception being walking one night because we were too beaten up by said workouts.  I think we both really like LIIFT 4.  The trainer isn't a meathead but well defined, he's not annoying, and the workouts are pretty simple in the scheme of things but still challenging.  I wish I could find a cardio workout without weights I liked as much but not quite finding it yet.

Enough of my cardio conundrums and let's work into...

The 5 Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis  (I can vouch for Brooks but also recommend Spenco inserts.  They've cured the Mr's and my friend's PF within 2 weeks.)

Your Work Schedule Might Be Putting You At Risk For Depression, Study Shows  (There's no "might be" about it.)

15 Potassium Superfoods That Aren't Bananas  (Can we please stop saying "superfoods?")

Combat rounded shoulders and sit straighter with these simple stretches  (Ahem)

Willpower Is a Weight-Loss Scam That's Fueling the Diet Industry  (You're not lazy or weak — you're human)

How to Be Less Annoyed About the Little Things  (I find it funny that I hit the "save to favorites" for this article like 12x and it wouldn't save so this article itself annoyed the F outta me before even reading it.)

The Latest Diet Trend Is Not Dieting  (Courtesy of the Mr.)

The Lifestyle Change an Ob/Gyn Made to Lose 10 Pounds of Hormonal Weight  (One day I'll actually do this.)

The Stupid-Easy Way To Clean Your Washing Machine (Yes. This is a thing you actually have to do)

53 Landscaping Ideas and Tips for a Magical Outdoor Space  (For my next life when I have outdoor space that isn't 5 ft. from douchebags on either side.  #10- I die.)

THIS lil nugget!  (Oh my heart!!  What a cutie.)

We don't have plans that I'm aware of yet, but I need to get the heck out of this house.  It's been a bit of an exhausting week for me, and I just want to be anywhere but here.

What shenanigans do you have planned for the weekend?

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  1. No idea what to do yet but I am with you. Gotta get out of the house. Getting the itch for a road trip but probably should wait a couple weeks yet for that one. Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. The hubs is home sick today and I just came back from Walgreens with Pepto for him, so he's down for the count. I have a meeting in the morning, then a trip to the bank with some of the mtg people to take over some treasurer duties. Then it's grocery shopping because the weather is supposed to be a bit hinky on Sunday. I've been doing great this year with keeping up on mail and filing/shredding paperwork so now I need to grab a big stack from the office and going through that. Really don't think it's necessary to hang out to insurance dec pages from fifteen years ago.... It has been a long week and I'm looking forward to the time this month when the dogs don't need to be in boots and I don't have to have a wrestling match with them at 6am every morning. Enjoy your weekend and get out of the house, roll down the windows, and stick your head out if the mood takes you! =o)


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