Monday, March 4, 2019

Shaken and Shaking It Up Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.

It was a decent weekend. 

Friday was grocery night, and it was the last thing either of us wanted to do.  I wasn't having it and just blew through TJ's and Target to get the heck out of there.  We were done with three stores in 90 minutes which is almost half the time it usually takes.  I just wanted it done.  I know I forgot some crap, so I'm sure we'll be making trips back.

Saturday was quite frustrating.  After a solid week of new to us exercise, getting in more water than usual (for me), 12:12 intermittent fasting, eating well, etc. I didn't lose a damn thing, and the Mr is up one.  I know the scale isn't the only measure of success, but our clothes still don't fit so yeah.  We are a long way off from having vacation weight off, and I know doing a new routine takes a few weeks to kick in but our time until our next vacation will sneak up on us sooner than later.  Another new change we implemented was working out on Saturday.  It sucked ween.  We worked out kind of first thing in the morning (which is never good for me), and it was pretty brutal.  At the end of it, I was so dizzy the room was spinning just like when I was being tested for vertigo.  I think my blood sugar dropped out from under me and I couldn't even stand up, hell, I couldn't even foam roll.  The Mr ran up and grabbed some granola I made the day before.  He ran out to grab lunch while I literally laid there with my face laying in a snack baggie of granola trying not to asphyxiate in it.  I could just see the headline:

Thankfully within about five minutes, I started to feel normal again.  (Relatively speaking.)  The Mr came back with lunch, and I tried to make sure I ate slowly because I wanted to snarf it hard.  I was good and full for about two hours and then all dropped.  It was like I hadn't eaten a thing.  I was effin' HANGRY.  I was so irritable, twitchy and obsessed with getting something to eat.  The Mr suggested water, and I wanted to clock him with the water bottle and yell

On top of that, we were dealing with an issue with the flag on my grandma's grave and getting the flag stand set back up properly.  When that wasn't working, we went to three or four stores looking for a new one, and they only sold a model that wouldn't work with what we needed.  With each passing flag stand fail, my rage was getting out of control.  To top it off, I was soooo broken because trying to walk around after a burpee heavy workout when your body is stiffening up beyond control, doesn't for a good Saturday make.  I don't know if morning workouts are going to be a good idea for me on Saturdays and thinking evening workouts are going to be better all around.  The Mr wants me to give it one more try.  I told him it's his Saturday that will be ruined so fine by me.

Sunday was our new rest day which was desperately needed because I could barely walk, but it was snowing outside.  I can't pass up a chance to be out in it especially with our snow days coming to an end in the next month.  We went to walk on our usual snowshoe trail, and it was an absolute muddy mess.  We made it past that loop, and the Mr wanted to check out this little trail we saw someone shoeing out of on our last bigger snow.  We saw a whole new small part of the park we hadn't seen before.  It's only been over 20 years.    We saw a few turkeys poking around...

There's a whole friggin' lake back there too.

It was such a beautiful day even if we couldn't snowshoe in it. 

We stopped to enjoy some friends feasting on frozen suet.

We came home, and the Mr took care of some insulation issues, I made Beyond Burgers and sweet potatoes for dinner.  We cut out our Sunday hot cocoa for our usual 72% TJ's dark chocolate.  Sigh.  It particularly sucked given we'd just been out in the snow, and it was perfect weather for it.  Oh well.  Maybe once a month.

I'm going to get off of here and go finish the rest of our March workout calendar.  I still really want to do afternoon workouts more regularly.  I feel like I gain a lot more evening when we do instead of workout/rolling, dinner then an hour before the Mr goes up.  As you can see, we're trying to shake up a LOT right now. 

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. It was a weird weekend but I am glad we did the workout Saturday. Also glad you were able to come out of the dizzy spell without choking on granola. Starting this week off right by already having today's workout done and tracking is my focus this week - which I should have done last week!

  2. I wish I had a park like that to walk in. It looks so pretty and how fun that you found a whole new area to explore.

    Switching up workouts is tough, but I can see a lot of advantages to doing Saturday morning workouts rather than having to give up evening time on Saturday.

    This weekend was more of the same. Catching up on grading and hosuework, and way too little activity. It snowed yesterday, but was super cold so I stayed in.

  3. The hubs has been sick since Friday and dropped 15 lbs in 3 days from dehydration so he went to the walk-in yesterday and came home with a stool sample kit, which he was NOT happy about doing, but he did it. lol He's home today but doing much better and the fluids he's drinking are staying in him and food is slowly being consumed again. So it was a long weekend with that and I was very productive, especially yesterday. From 7am - 3pm, I got a lot done, including grocery shopping, laundry, and a good six hours of house stuff. Another busy morning today, but I'm hoping to work in a nap because I've been up since 3:30am so at some point it will catch up with me. It's all of 10 degrees today with strong winds, so it's an indoor day to say the least.


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