Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hump Day Poll: Same 'Ol Story

There are stories that stick with us no matter how old we get and will probably be told at our funerals whether we want them to be or not.  You know the ones you've heard 100x that you grin and bear through it. 

The Mr probably knows by the heart the story of how the first time my friend and I had a sleepover in 7th grade that I laughed so hard, I farted against the wood floor, and it reverbed against it.  I very calmly said, "I only fart for my best guests."  It will be on my headstone if she had her way and I'm surprised she didn't repeat it when I met her fiance for the first time, but she probably didn't want me spilling the beans on any of her embarrassing stories.

My favorite one is how Grandma used to tell me I was her first grandbaby, and she said it with such love in her eyes.  I'm glad she retold it so many times because I still hear her in my head when I think about it and smile.  I'm thankful my mom took a pic of her telling that story at my birthday dinner celebration a year before she was diagnosed.  My head was laying on her shoulder, and we were holding hands.  It's my favorite picture and favorite story.   Way better than the fart one, but whatcha gonna do?

What's a story told about you by others over and over again much to your delight or chagrin?

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  1. I still love hearing you tell the fart story and I am also always happy to hear about how you have the distinguished role of first grandbaby. I honestly cannot think of anything personally that my own family would share about me other than my brothers (older brothers) always loving to make fun of the way I would beg for toys, as if that is all I did. Jealous!

  2. I don't think I have any stories that get told about me, except maybe the source of my first name. I was supposed to be named Bronwyn after a character in a book, but my father misspelled it on my birth certificate and the error stuck.

    But I do have a few stories that I tell about a friend. There is the time she walking into a parking meter because she wasn't paying attention, long before there were smart phones. A few drinking stories with her, as she didn't handle alcohol well. The time she asked if we went to high school with Jimmy Hoffa. And the time that we went cow tipping and she fell/got stuck in manure.


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