Monday, March 18, 2019

Random Weekend Recap

Monday already, eh?

The Mr and I were highly irritated with the metal thing in the basement that spits at us along with its tape measurer friend.  We know we're still in the "adjust" stage of things where you have to let your body get used to things but yeah.


Then I did some research because my sodium levels were ridiculously low last week and borderline low the week before.  There is actually a lot of scary crap that can happen to your body when you go under 1500mg, so I'm going to be keeping a close eye on that to make sure I'm at the 1500-1800mg range.

Friday night was grocery night.

Our cart looked like that, but our enthusiasm was nowhere near JT's.

Saturday was not a shining day for me.  Lots of stuff swirling in my head on many, many fronts that all came out in a batch of bitchiness that was not fun for either of us.  I have so many things needing my attention and may need to step back from this for a bit.  It depends on the day, so if I'm not here as much, that's why.  If I'm here like normal, I'm not taking my own advice.  Saturday night we rented Instant Family with Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne.  We were excited to see Julie Hagerty from Airplane! was in it as well as Margo Martindale.  Love that woman.  It was overall a good movie but just continues to reinforce the life decisions we've made.  We dove into the last season of Catastrophe and finished that off Sunday.  We both felt like it needed one more episode and one of the episodes really sucked given what we're going through right now.  Art has a way of throwing life's challenges in your face at just the right moment.

Sunday was rather mellow in the scheme of things.  I got beans in the crockpot early and got the Mr's eggs for the week done while I made breakfast which incidentally looked like a dog's breakfast to quote Ina Garten.

(Bacon, whole grain toast, cantaloupe, and leftover food prep scramble.)

I had to get some eggs out of there for all of the crap for food prep to fit.  Stuff was literally falling out at us.  I planned to do prep later in the day because it was so nice earlier on in the day, but we ended up wasting it by just getting on it.

(Curried cauliflower with a squirt of lemon juice and garlic broccoli)

I know I won't think it's a waste when I scoop and eat, but I really do need to not cut and roast on the same day.,,you know, like I said last Monday?  Oh, another thing I learned from meal prep last week is don't roast carrots with anything else on the sheet pan.  They release a buttload of water when crowded together and will make anything they're with potentially mushy, i.e.- my sweet potatoes.  I will use parchment paper next time as a few of you suggested, but I literally didn't care yesterday, so one old sheet pan got the brunt of it all.  It took even longer than last time because I wasn't running both ovens and just kind of doing it here and there, so I hated it even more the second time around.  This week's veggies are broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes and various peppers and onions. If last week is any indicator, that natural gas reliever arriving today will be right in time.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. Take care of yourself, I'll miss you and will be here when you return. Pulling for you guys as always

  2. Another weekend that went by fast. Just once I'd like a slow moving one please!

  3. I was recovering from a cold so I took care of what I needed to with a few outdoor errands, but for the most part stayed in and worked on house stuff. It's a travelling day for me today so I'll rest when I get home. A very mellow weekend that I'm grateful for because I was miss crankypants for part of it.


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