Friday, March 8, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #10

Happy Friday you saucy wenches and uh, what is the dude version of wench?  Denches?  I am ready for the weekend as I'm sure you all are as well.  It's been quite a week for the Mr at work, so I know that boy is ready to run screaming nekkid down the street.

But first, let's streak into...  

Healthy Dinners in 40 Minutes or Less  (Yum!)

How Eating Too Little Is Wrecking Your Progress  (I think I've read this before, but obviously it was on my mind this week.)

The Weird Benefit Of Mouth Taping That You Should Know About  (Color me intrigued.)

How to Disagree with Someone More Powerful than You  (Good for those needed a push out of the people-pleasing zone.)

When It Comes to Fat Loss, a Study Says HIIT Beats Cardio by Exactly This Much  (OMG, for real?  Hard eye roll on the percentage.)

The Weird Hack That Will Eliminate Back, Jaw, And Neck Pain  (Don't toy with my emotions!)

11 Affordable Reef-Friendly Sunscreens for Your Beach Bag  (Spring break is coming up!)

15 Common Pains You Should Never Ignore  (Well, #6 freaked me out since that's been me the past 3 weeks.)

Google Warns Chrome Users to Update ASAP After Bug Discovered  (FYI)

100 vintage home hacks that are still brilliant today   (Some good suggestions!)

100 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do on Your Own  (Don't pay for labor if you can DIY!)

The 1975 Break Down 'A Brief Inquiry'  (In case there are any fans out there.  I'm a behind the scenes nerd, and this is right up my alley.  I love seeing how tracks come together and the layering George the Genius does.)

The MudBuster Will Stop Your Dog From Tracking Dirt Inside the House  (Pretty clever if you have a dog that will let you do it!  (Ours wouldn't have!)  I love how the Instagrammed dog looks like it's plotting its owner's murder or at least pissing in their favorite shoes.)

I don't know that we have anything specific planned but I'd like to have a less irritating one than last Saturday where it got sucked down the tubes, and I was Hulk hangry all day from a morning workout.  Currently, I'm listening to the Mr go back and forth with the awful customer "support" from Nvidia for his Shield TV.  The fan is dying after only 2 years, and it's a known problem listed on Reddit, Amazon, and their own forums and the dbag rep is all "we don't know about this problem."  So yeah, if I ever recommended that in a previous post, consider them unrecommended unless they fix the issue instead of telling us to spend another $200 to replace it.

What awesomeness do you have planned for the weekend?

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  1. I think I would like to finish up the garage insulation project at least. But aside from that, no idea what to do this weekend. Just looking forward to being away from work for 2 days after this week. Happy Friday everybody!

  2. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and then will work on house stuff. Grocery shopping on Sunday and packing up more stuff for donations. I'm back on track now with my 52 boxes/bags in 52 weeks as of Monday. =o)


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