Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hump Day Fun Poll: Old School Costumes

With Halloween a week away, that got me thinking about the good ol' days.  Remember those hard plastic masks and when some years it would get cold enough you'd have to put a coat or snowsuit on because we got a cold snap?  

Costume ruined. 

(Me at about 3 years old or so waving at Grandma before trick or treating.)

Here, I was Bugs Bunny.  I was also Witchie Poo from HR Pufnstuf for a few years which I don't even remember watching and seeing pics of Witchie Poo now is effin' terrifying!  (affiliate link)  

(via Retroist)

Then I started doing homemade costumes because when you're tall they don't make costumes your size.  I was still usually a witch because hat, black skirt, done.  I had to stop trick or treating probably two years early because of my height.  Bitter, party of one.

What were you for Halloween as a kid?  What was your favorite costume?

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  1. I wanted a Darth Vader helmet so bad. The first Halloween I asked for that I got a knockoff helmet that was actually kind of cool but since it wasn't Star Wars I didn't like it at the time. Then for my birthday one year I really wanted a stormtrooper helmet but ended up getting the real Darth Vader helmet instead and that was my go-to costume every year from that point on until I too was just too tal to continue to go. I wish we could still trick or treat as adults! Not fair!!

    1. My brother had that mask! He has an October bday and the year he trcik-or-treated as Darth Vader was also the year he appeared on the local kids show in my hometown. He wore his costume and was the lead-in from the commercial when the opened the segment where the birthday kids got to pull a fistful of pennies from the jar. They even played the Imperial March!

      My mom was a good sewer and I had some cool homemade costumes. I also had my share of store-bought, including those plastic masks. The most memorable was the year my Mom sewed the Annie dress and I had a red-head wig. One of my neighbors asked me to sing "Tomorrow." I felt like a star.

  2. I trick or treated clear up to my junior year of high school, and would have gone my senior year too but I had a job and had to work. At a Chrismas store. Hmmm... think maybe there's a reason for my "it's too early for Christmas issues"? lol

    Where I grew up people didn't really complain about older kids/teens trick or treating. I think they mostly figured it was a better alternative to the shenanigans we could have been up to. I don't ever remember anyone telling us we were too old.

    I had some super cool costumes as a kid. All home-made and because kids are contrary I always wanted the store bought flimsy plastic mask and nylon costume and my folks always said no. I went as ET one year, a flower (complete with a paper machie mask and a giant box as a pot) another year.

  3. I remember being a kitty and I still look for that mask to this day. I was wonder woman one year, Isis another (the mythic one, not what it's known for today...oddly, she looked a lot like wonder woman), and a witch one year.

  4. I think another layer and I had very similar Halloween experiences growing up. I don't remember ever having a store bought costume and I can't remember when I stopped trick-or-treating, but it was some time in high school.

    I was always something different every year for Halloween and I always had to come up with the idea for my costume. My parents would help if necessary, but as I got older more and more of the costume was my responsibility. The challenge was always that the costume had to have the potential to be adapted to wear a winter coat and potentially even snow pants underneath. You never knew what the temperature would be like a the end of October in Canada. I remember one year I was a Christmas present, another year I was a grave stone, and then there was always the easy costumes of being a gypsy, witch, of a teenager from the '50's. Inspiration usually came from what I could find at the used clothing store.


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